Kite Hill Vegan Cheese & Yogurt Review & Giveaway

24th January 2017
Kite Hill Artisanal Vegan Almond Milk Cheese & Yogurt

Adored by vegans and non-vegans alike, Kite Hill artisanal vegan almond milk based products are some of our favorites on the market today. Their vegan cheeses and yogurts are carefully crafted using traditional techniques with minimal ingredients to achieve a wonderfully smooth creaminess. Kite Hill generously provided us with samples […]

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Thai Cucumber Relish (Ajat)

5th December 2016
Ajat Thai Cucumber Relish

This Southern Thai cucumber relish, known as Ajat, is a popular and naturally vegan condiment. The bright, fresh flavors and crisp texture make it the perfect accompaniment to a rich curry or satay. Ajat is a popular street food condiment in Thailand, intended to bring a bit of acidity and […]

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Vegan Black Sesame Waffles

3rd November 2016
Vegan Black Sesame Waffles with Vegan Black Sesame Miso Caramel

We admittedly aren’t that keen on sweets, so perhaps that’s why we enjoy these Vegan Black Sesame Waffles just so much. The addition of toasted black sesame paste provides a nuttiness that gives these waffles an added complexity. When paired with our Vegan Black Sesame Miso Caramel and a peanut […]

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Vegan Black Sesame Miso Caramel

28th October 2016
Vegan Black Sesame Miso Caramel

This vegan Black Sesame Miso Caramel has a distinctly Asian element to it. The trinity of toasted black sesame, shiro miso and full-fat coconut milk provide the depth, body and richness that make this salted caramel just too good to resist. The subtle nuttiness of the toasted black sesame combined […]

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Portland: Farm Spirit

24th October 2016
Pan roasted roots, purple cabbage puree, tarragon and popped quinoa at Farm Spirit restaurant, Portland, Oregon

Portland is known for being a vegan-friendly city, with far too many vegan options to really list. One of the more unique and special establishments in Portland though is Farm Spirit. With its focus on locally sourced ingredients and dedication to honoring the horticulture of Cascadia, dinner at Farm Spirit […]

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Dream Non-Dairy Yogurt Review

22nd October 2016
Vegan Dream Non-Dairy Yogurts Review

We’re very fortunate to have so many vegan yogurt options on the market now in the United States. The vegan yogurts sold in the US still differ considerably from those sold in Europe, but we’ve found a number of options that we really, truly enjoy. One of the brands we […]

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Spicy Sushi Bowl from Vegan Bowl Attack!

1st October 2016
Vegan Spicy Sushi Bowl from Vegan Bowl Attack!

Over the summer Jackie Sobon, founder of Vegan Yack Attack, released her cookbook Vegan Bowl Attack!: More Than 100 One-Dish Meals Packed with Plant-Based Power. When we received our copy for review there were a handful of recipes we were eager to try, and not a single one fell short […]

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Phuket Vegetarian Festival: Vegan Street Food Part II

26th September 2016
Phuket Vegetarian Festival Vegan Street Food

A few years ago we shared some of the vegan street food we tried at the Phuket Vegetarian Festival, since then we’ve returned to the festival and enjoyed even more sweet and savory vegan treats. The Phuket Vegetarian Festival, also known as the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, is scheduled for […]

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