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Portland: Hot Lips Vegan Pizza

We stayed in Portland for couple of months in 2010 and we decided to check out the Hot Lips after hearing about their vegan options online. At that time, they did not have a lot of vegan options. So far we tried their vegan pizza for the very first time ($3.00 per slice). It tasted

Portland: Los Gorditos

Los Gorditos is a Mexican (plus vegan) restaurant that just opened in SE Portland (SE Division & 12th). It used to be a food cart about 1-2 years ago, where I used to eat lunch with the folks. The foods were amazing -- from los gorditos to sopes to enchiladas! What's more to ask for?

Portland: Purple Inari from Food Front Cooperative Grocery

Guess what. My darling + I went to an interesting grocery store and found us a yummy purple inari roll just for $1.25 at Food Front Cooperative Grocery in the northwest district of Portland. Cheap as bloody hell! Huge rice balls made of wild purple rice seasoned with sesame seeds and shredded carrots, packed in

Eugene: Vegan Cornbread Cafe

It's a vegan cornbread cafe. A tiny one parked on SE corner of Oak & 13th, near a Thai restaurant I devoured at in the past few years. My boyfriend and I checked it out and we offered to take photos of their combo meals since they didn't have any pictures of them! :( Check out