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Philadelphia: Whole Foods

I went to two locations for Whole Foods in Philadelphia centre in early September. 1. 2001 Pennsylvania Avenue, Philadelphia (A bit off in the area, kind of weird, but offers a lot of vegan stuff) 2. 929 South Street, Philadelphia (Nice street, posh neighbourhood, busy) Do you know what I think of Philadelphia's Whole Foods? Fucking impressive. It's probably the

Philadelphia: Basic Four Vegetarian Snack Bar

Basic Four Vegetarian Snack Bar was the last vegan stop in Philadelphia during my 8-hour trip (Following up my posts in Philadelphia, I only have 8 hours out of 15 hours to enjoy Philadelphia due to missed flight in SFO, thanks lots United) My partner ordered it and brought it with us to the airport.

Phildelphia: Memphis Taproom (the best vegan restaurant in Philly)

Following up my posts in Philadelphia, I only had 8 hours out of 15 hours to enjoy Philadelphia due to missed flight in SFO (because of maintenance and excuses on the other plane). So Memphis Taproom was the third vegan restaurant I dropped by, because of their famous coconut club sandwich. Getting there was a bloody

Philadelphia: Blackbird Pizzeria

Like I said in my previous post: Vegan Mofo 8, I missed a total of one day in Philadelphia due to the missed flight (thanks a lot SFO Airport), so that left me 15 hours in Philadelphia (that includes my sleeping hours). I arrived late in Philadelphia, approx 9pm, and Blackbird Pizzeria was the first

Philadelphia: The Abbaye

The Abbaye was the second vegan restaurant that I stopped at and it is well known for its vegan chicken wings. The first vegan restaurant I stopped at was Blackbird Pizzeria, which was really late at night after my arrival in Philadelphia. It was worth $20 taxi fare to The Abbaye from the downtown area

The Unforgettable Vegan Ultimate Sub

I made another guilty sandwich (the post I made for Vegan Mofo 6). I promised myself after coming back from Austria/Germany, I will make that guilty sandwich ONCE and eat Daiya cheese for the whole week before my departure to Southeast Asia, but I was wrong. I made myself another one and this time, it was

An Unforgettable Vegan Sandwich After Leaving Austria

I was a bit miserable in Vienna, Austria from ending June to September, except for the Austrian vegan pastries that literally blew me away. When my days were nearly done in Vienna, I was looking forward to eating vegan products in the U.S. I couldn't wait to bite my usual guilty pleasure: the vegan sandwich.

Vegan at Four Seasons Bangkok

After missing two equivalent days in Bangkok, I was determined to eat one of the best restaurants in the centre of Bangkok, the Spice Market. It was at the same hotel I was staying at: Four Seasons Bangkok. I've already made arrangements with the dining department about my vegan needs within a week in advance,