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Top 13 Vegan Eats + Recipes of 2013

To celebrate 2014, I would like to share my Top 13 Vegan Eats + Recipes on vegan miam for 2013. 2013 was a fabulous year: We traveled to Latin America for the first (and second) time with trips to Bogota and Buenos Aires, visited and revisited a few U.S. cities, and returned to Europe for

Giveaway: Dozen Perfect Fit Protein by Tone It Up™

Missed our last month's Parmela Parmesan giveaway? No worries, we are hosting another giveaway on vegan miam before we leave the U.S. We are giving away a dozen Perfect Fit Protein by Tone It Up™ single serving packets in Vanilla flavor. It was founded by the Tone It Up™ ladies, Katrina and Karena. Giveaway is

Giveaway: Dozen Parmela

We are hosting a fabulous giveaway on the vegan miam blog. We are giving away a dozen Parmela, Parmesan Style Aged Nut Cheese (vegan and gluten-free). This Parmela Giveaway is open to residents of the United States only. One winner will be chosen by random from the rafflecopter by Thursday, August 1st. Use the rafflecopter

Follow vegan miam via feedly

Google Reader will be shutting down this summer, starting July 1st. I found my favorite new RSS reader, recommended by Mat from Vegan Bloggers Unite. I recently made the transition to feedly a month ago and the new feed-reading platform seems cleaner, minimalistic and user-friendly than Google Reader. Looking for a new RSS reader, give

Sign up for your June 2013 Vegan Cuts Snack Box

Hi guys, today's my birthday and I'm heading to Portland! There's one more thing I would like to remind you: Friday, June 14th is the last day to sign up to receive the June 2013 Vegan Cuts Snack Box. PLUS, you will get a $15 gift card to as a bonus upon checkout. Do not

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Hello from vegan miam

I hope you all had a fabulous holidays! I wanted to let you guys know that I will be back blogging next year as of 2013. I have been on hiatus, getting settled into Oregon-ness after my long journey in Asia. Happy New Year and have a healthy new year! All my love to you, vegan miam You can

Vegan Mofo 2012

How exciting! I participated in Vegan Mofo 2011 last year and it was pretty fun. Most of my posts were based in Thailand, Japan and Malaysia and focused mainly on vegan travels. Unfortunately I will not be participating in Vegan Mofo 2012 this year, but will be posting daily on my vegan travels in Manila, Phuket,