Black Rice Peanut Kale Bowl from Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen Cookbook + Giveaway (US)

As a long-time fan, follower and reader of Kathy Patalsky’s vegan food blog Healthy.Happy.Life. and popular vegan recipe community Finding Vegan; I know she has a knack for making healthy, delicious and inventive vegan recipes. And since there’s always room in my life for another stunning cookbook (even if there isn’t room on my bookshelves

Halfpint Vegan Dairy Ice Creams Review

Halfpint Vegan Dairy are local Victoria-based producers of vegan, gluten-free, hand made coconut milk ice creams and buttery spreads. We had the opportunity to meet with one of the owners and sample a selection of their ice creams during our time in Melbourne and we instantly fell in love with their line of rich, decadent

Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake from Decadent Gluten-Free Vegan Baking + Giveaway (US and Canada)

Cara Reed of Fork & Beans has done a stunning job with her new cookbook Decadent Gluten-Free Vegan Baking: Delicious, Gluten-, Egg- and Dairy-Free Treats and Sweets. I'm admittedly not much of a baker and do not follow a gluten-free diet, but the recipes in this cookbook were so easy and delicious that anyone can

Kester Black Vegan Nail Polish Review + Giveaway

Late last year, during our time in Melbourne, we discovered Kester Black, an amazing company producing stunning nail polishes that are vegan, cruelty-free and 5-free. This proudly Australian made and owned company has a strong presence throughout Australia and New Zealand and is committed to vegan, sustainable and environmentally friendly production methods. I had a

Teff Love Cookbook Review + Giveaway (US) + Ye’Denich Be’Kaysir Atakilt Recipe

I’m always intrigued and inspired by new and different cuisines and Ethiopian cuisine is certainly new and different for me. I don’t have a lot of experience or knowledge of the cuisine but with Teff Love I quickly realized that the food has an abundance of flavor and is invitingly colorful. Author Kittee Berns’ Instagram

But I Could Never Go Vegan! Review + Giveaway (US/Canada) + Pretzel Dumplings with Mushroom-Sauerkraut Gravy Recipe

Once an unabashed cheese lover, and for a time even a Fromagier, Kristy Turner thought she could never go vegan. But I Could Never Go Vegan! takes inspiration from her own personal journey and helps others along their own journey towards being more informed, educated and skilled in preparing hearty, healthy and flavorsome vegan food.