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Vienna: Vegan Gyro Wraps & Signature Kartoffelwürfel

Eating out is honestly challenging for a vegan in Vienna. Making meals with the ingredients you trust in your own kitchen is the best alternative, surprisingly most groceries carry vegan-friendly products such as potato soup (Kartoffelsuppe in German).

So far we made vegan gyro wraps with vegan mayonnaise sauce (for vegetarian: with grilled halloumi cheese) and fresh rockets, tomatoes and chopped cucumbers. I have to say that the vegan gyro meat (Viana brand) was a bit salty for me. If you dress it with tahini or hummus, the saltiness would definitely go away.

Plus Doni made his own signature Kartoffelwürfel (fried potato cubes in paprika/chili seasoning) dish, and it became our daily favourite meal, and of course with an unique Austrian ketchup with strong garlic flavour. All you have to do is peel and chop these fresh Austrian potatoes into cubes, boil them until they are medium soft and put them in the pan with vegetable oil. Fry them up and season them with salt, pepper, paprika and chili flakes or however you want them to taste like.

Also, we had these packaged bread rolls that pop into the oven within 10 minutes and they turned out good with any spreads or fruity jams or even vegan pesto sauce (yum). For vegetarians, there are usually Clever-brand bread rolls covered with garlic butter or herb butter, but Doni preferred the one with herb butter.

TIP #1
Pasta selections from potato gnocchi (usually around 1 euro a pack) to spaghetti (around 1 euro) are affordable; you can get them cheap at . Watch out for egg-contained pasta. You can also add vegan meat patties and crumble them to add textures in your pasta. You can check out great pasta sauces from pesto to tomato with grilled vegetables at Spar, DM or Billa groceries in Vienna, including the BioMarkt Maran. Click on these links to find the nearest locations in Vienna.

TIP #2
When reading ingredients in German, please watch out for these common terms: Eier, Milch or Käse. They are usually in combination of words, for example, milk powder becomes “Milchpulver” in German.

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