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Vienna: Vegan Gyro Wraps & Signature Kartoffelwürfel

Eating out wasn’t always the easiest or best option in Vienna. Making meals with the ingredients we trust and in our own kitchen is often a nice relief when we travel. Most grocery stores in Austria carry vegan-friendly products and some ready made meals like potato soup (Kartoffelsuppe in German).

We recently made vegan gyro wraps with vegan mayonnaise sauce, fresh rocket, tomatoes and chopped cucumbers. I have to say that the vegan gyro meat (Viana brand) was a bit salty for me so it’s nice to balance it with fresh vegetables. Dressing it with tahini or hummus will also help to reduce the saltiness.

Doni also made some of his favorite Kartoffelwürfel (fried potato cubes in paprika and chili seasoning), a hearty addition to any plate something we can enjoy with the unique Austrian ketchup flavors.

Pasta selections from potato gnocchi (usually around 1 euro a pack) to spaghetti (around 1 euro) are affordable at the store. As always, watch out for pasta that contains egg. If you don’t make your own sauce, most grocery stores will have a variety of vegan sauces and specialty stores often have vegan pesto. Pesto is nice with some of the readily available vegan bread available at most stores.

When reading ingredients in German, please watch out for these common terms: Eier, Milch or Käse. They are usually in combination of words, for example, milk powder becomes “Milchpulver” in German.

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