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Vienna: Vegan Käse

Cheezly + Bacon Bits

Cheezly + Bacon Bits

My apologies for not updating for weeks. I was coping with the shitty weather in Austria as well as work.

I found a vegan käse (cheese in German) at Biomarkt Maran (near Neubau, 1070 Wien, Lindengasse 13-15). What’s so weird is that I have been to four so far, and only one of them carries Cheezly + Bacon Bits cheese, which was nice.I thought the branding was different, but I guess it was intended for the Austrian consumers who need to read German and such.

I was hesitant to try vegan cheese with bacon bits because I knew vegan bacon has an overpowering flavour (you can find these sorts of things in your usual American salad). So I brought it back home.

I realized it didn’t melt very well as Daiya cheese, but it has a very good texture as cheese slices for saltine crackers or Wasa crackers. I love snacking them on crackers regardless of the strong bacon flavour. But if you toast them in the oven, that smell will smell downright bacon-y.

What’s fabulous was that vegan cheese lasted me nearly 2 weeks without any signs of mold.

Cheezly + Bacon Bits

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