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Roma: Il Margutta Ristor Arte di Claudio e Tina Vannini

At the corner of Via del Babuino and Via Margutta, Il Margutta Ristor Arte di Claudio e Tina Vannini, also known as Il Margutta Vegetariano was mere 10 minutes walk from our flat situated on Via Dei Greci in the central Roma. After scrutinizing the articles based on vegan-friendly eateries in Roma, Il Margutta appeared to be one of the top vegetarian restaurants that use ingredients from biological cultivation and/or production and extra virgin cold-pressed oils in their dishes as well as preparing organic flours for pasta and desserts.


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So Doni and I went there on a Saturday brunch buffet (I believe it was 15 euros per person or $25 at that time). The interiors of the restaurant was very artsy, busy yet colourful. As soon as early afternoon came, this restaurant was overwhelmingly packed. We were pleased that we arrived as early as noon. Also, you will be charged if you refill the same plate or grab a new plate, so be wary.

Vegan dishes comprise of different varieties of rice/grain salads such as forbidden rice, barley rice, cous cous or risotto as well as freshly made fusilli pasta in roasted tomato sauce with a touch of extra virgin olive oil that tasted just perfect (authentic vegan Italiano pasta, yum). The dishes may vary depending on the season, so they may not be the dishes you see in the enclosed photos.

Other little side dishes include delicate baked potatoes (the skin of these potatoes was different compared to American rustic potatoes), whole wheat bread slice and wild salad. Along with these vegan dishes, the vegan soups were both tasty–the creamy brown-coloured bean soup (known as fagioli in Italian) was our favourite and the vegetable medley soup was hearty.

There were dishes that are vegetarian (contain cheese) such as lasagna, pizza, seitan meatballs and pasta (the photos are not included since this post is focused primarily on vegan cuisine). My boyfriend concluded that the vegetarian lasagna was one of his favourite dishes, however the other types of cheesy pasta dishes he tried were too heavy for his taste. In the end, we did not attempt to eat these desserts since we were pretty stuffed. However, we had some freshly squeezed grapefruit and orange juices, which tasted very refreshing.

One con regarding this restaurant: I wish the restaurant would offer more presentations for the dishes that are vegan such as labeling the dishes (the ingredients in Italiano and English), otherwise you will have to rely on an Italian-speaking chef being temporarily excused from the kitchen, to show you which dishes are vegan. There are certain dishes that people can be allergic to or may refuse to eat with. I strongly advise that the restaurant would be even more successful if the dishes are labeled (the name of the dish, the ingredients of the dish, and whether or not it’s vegan or vegetarian), since they are very useful nowadays in organic and vegan-friendly cafes/bars and I’m sure plenty of customers who are vegans, vegetarians, lacto-vegetarians or even on gluten-free diets would appreciate it more :)


Il Margutta Ristor Arte di Claudio e Tina Vannini