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Roma: Groceries with Vegan Products

There are two nearby groceries near the flat on Via Dei Greci that I stayed at, you can find some fresh pizza bianca/rozza in the bakeries, vegan caramel puddings on the sweets section, ice cream cones/gelato in the freezers, and some good hearty soups, then some bags of yummy potato chips. The vegan ice cream sundaes (topped with chocolate and peanut bits) tasted very good.

Punto supermercato (on the same street as the nearby Sephora, about few mins walk) Via Della Frezza
Diperdi (on the same street as Fleur restaurant)
On the corner of Via bocca di leone and Via Vittoria


There is one common grocery store known as “Despar Supermercato“, you can go to the website, to find the locations near you when you are visiting Rome. This grocery store offers a variety of vegan products. It is important to know where your nearby groceries are when you are traveling as a vegan. When you travel, always have a list of groceries near your flat or hotel, and then you can look up for vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants.

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