Interview: Arlette from Mexico City D.F.

10th May 2012

Name: Arlette Bellio
Funniest Nickname: Artie
Location: Currently living in Mexico City (Originally from NYC)
Occupation: Holistic Practitioner/Teacher, Artist & Photographer

Blog WWW:
Twitter: @artbellio

Where are you based in and how long have you been living there?
I am based in the East Coast, currently living in Mexico since Oct 2010.


How did you start as a vegan? Tell your story.
It started a few years back. I couldn’t look the other way any longer and ignore what was being done to the animals.

What inspired you to start a blog? What sort of topics do you generally about?
I like to document my experiences while traveling. Usually Photography and places I visit.

What is your favourite vegan local meal & dessert?
That would be Enchiladas de Flor de calabaza without the cheese of course from Maque. Dessert–haven’t found great vegan desert yet 🙂

What are your favourite vegan restaurants in Mexico City and how often do you eat out in Mexico City?
I would say Falafelito & Corazón de Árbol. I eat about 2-3 times a week.

You live in Mexico City, where tortillas are popular. Do you prefer flour or corn or blue corn? Why?
I prefer blue corn tortillas simply because the blue corn has not been contaminated by GMOs (I have heard) and also because it’s gluten-free 🙂

Which area of Mexico City is best for vegan food?
Colonia Roma

Is that true that Mexico lacks groceries compared to U.S.? Got a reason?
Yes! By far. The meat substitutes here reminds me of what we had in Health Food stores back in the early ’90’s! We could really use a WHOLEFOODS!

What is your experience ordering vegan dishes at any restaurants in Mexico City?
Well, sometimes even though I ask for a dish “no cheese” the food arrives with it. On one occasion I had to send it back twice!

What is your favourite taco filling?
Flor de Calabaza (zucchini flower)

Do you ever cook, if so, what is your favorite style or ethnicity of cooking?
Yes, I cook all the time. It really depends on my mood. I like variety! I’ll make a vegan lasagna, or Indian Dosas with coconut chutney, Japanese soup with soba, veggies and sea vegetables; wakami, and hijiki, or Carribean style black bean rice, sweet plantains, or Felafel or Thai yellow curry with veggies and rice noodles. But my favorite is fusion, when I mix it up, like middle Eastern with Asian and Mexican.

What local ingredient could you not live without?

What vegan food adventures are on your horizon for the upcoming summer?
Playa Del Carmen – I heard there’s a raw vegan restaurant there, looking forward to check it out.

Any last minute advices on visiting Mexico City?
Bring your own: Tempeh, Earth Balance, Follow Your Heart’s Vegan Mayo.

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