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Wellington: Hell Pizza

You can find Hell Pizza anywhere in New Zealand, especially Australia, greater London, Dublin, Vancouver BC and Delhi of India. But there are many Hell Pizza locations in New Zealand compared to others. “HELL was spawned by Callum Davies in the year 1996, location: the Kelburn squash centre in Wellington.” (Hell Pizza International’s History) Hell Pizza offers one vegan pizza known as, “Vegan Sinister.” They also do provide gluten-free meals, which were indicated on the menu as black drops.

Hell Pizza Wellington

A Vegan Sinister pizza comes with refried beans, avocado, onions, salsa, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers and capsicum without cheese. On the menu, that pizza was labelled “VEGAN.” It is a possibility that Hell Pizza can create pizzas that were labelled vegetarian (V) on the menu as vegan without cheese or feta such as “Pride”, “Purgatory”, “Limbo” and “Damned.” I had Uncle Tony size, which was 10 inches in diameter and as of thin base, so it was 10.50 NZD.

Bits about Hell Pizza

What Did I Think Of It?
I didn’t really care much about the restaurant setting and the staff since I brought the vegan pizza back to the hotel. The Hell Pizza restaurant off Bond Street was awfully dark and it’s impossible to photograph anything at all as shown above. Plus it was the day before Halloween so everyone got dressed up :)

The vegan Sinister was a bit unique, but didn’t really wow me at all. It was a Mexican-style pizza (and of course small if it was in 10-inches), so imagine eating a thin-crusted pizza with salsa as tomato base and these avocado bits along with veggies on it. I’m not a fan of refried beans, but it was definitely different. I never had salsa on a pizza. Surprisingly, the salsa was a bit spicy. However, I did not like how hard the crust was since it tasted like a flatbread cracker. I was contemplating I should get a Double 12.5 inches Sinister pizza to see if the crust is a bit thicker or better, but I never really did since I only had few days in Wellington to try other new things. It doesn’t hurt to try another different type of pizza at HELL Pizza next time in Wellington or other cities of New Zealand. It is also nice to stay away from soy cheese or unnecessary vegan cheese on these vegan pizzas so we can just taste the real pizza based in New Zealand!

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Hell Pizza Wellington

Hell Pizza Wellington

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