Five Vegan Eats in Turin

22nd September 2014
Vegan Turin

Earlier this summer, we had the pleasure of taking a trip to Turin, Italy. From mid-July until mid-August, we stayed in this lovely city in the heart of Piedmont along the River Po. We found our apartment on AirBnb, conveniently located in the center of the city just off of […]

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Gochujang Tofu & Pickled Cucumber Bowl

19th September 2014
Vegan Baked Gochujang Tofu

This is one of our favorite Asian comfort food meals whenever we’re home – Taiwanese-style Pickled Cucumbers, baked gochujang tofu and vegan floss served over steamed rice. The term floss may appear rather foreign to most vegans, but then it can just as easily appear foreign to anyone not too […]

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Taiwanese-style Pickled Cucumbers

18th September 2014
Taiwanese Style Pickled Cucumbers

When I was little, every week my mum would bring home a large bag of Japanese cucumbers, roughly chop them up and season them before heading off to work. Sometimes she would add chili flakes and refrigerate them immediately, occasionally she would sauté them for a few minutes in the […]

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Gochujang Tempeh & Blasted Broccoli

18th September 2014
Vegan Gochujang Tempeh

Update (September 19, 2014): I tested out the ‘Gochujang Tempeh’ recipe several times and finalized it. I am also adding newer photos of the marinade and the gochujang tempeh. We recently returned from a trip to Lima, yet another interesting destination in Latin America –  similar in some ways to Buenos […]

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Petite Panettiere: Chocolate Chip Cashew Cookies

14th September 2014
Vegan Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cashew Cookies

Mangia Mangia, let’s eat! I’m missing Italy already! Holly from Petite Panettiere is an Italian baker with an endless passion for creating healthy desserts, including her gigantic vegan marbled black and white cookies that I simply can’t take my eyes off of. Her blog represents a petite collection of recipes […]

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Swagger Cosmetics Review (Vegan and Cruelty-Free)

10th September 2014
Swagger Cosmetics Set

Vegan can be a vast term, with different interpretations and classifications. For some it means a plant-based diet, like a dietary vegan. For others it means a lifestyle free of all products and items of animal origin, like an ethical vegan. Then there’s everything in between these ends. Everyone has […]

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Olives for Dinner: Stuffed Sriracha ‘Shrooms

7th September 2014
Vegan Stuffed Sriracha 'Shrooms

Erin is the fabulous food blogger and creative recipe developer who, along with her husband/photographer Jeff, runs the lovely Olives for Dinner. I admire her adventurous nature, especially into Asian flavors – she is one of the few bloggers I know who has also worked with some of my favorite […]

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Interview: Paresa Resort Executive Chef Luca Mancini

5th September 2014
Paresa Resort Thai Cooking School

Last month we introduced the amazing Vegetarian Street Food Festival package at the luxurious Paresa Resort Phuket here. Now we get the chance to share our interview with Paresa Resort Executive Chef Luca Mancini. The Italian chef is responsible for overseeing the four restaurants at Paresa Resort – Diavolo, Talung […]

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Farro Salad with Fava Beans + Vegan Feta

3rd September 2014
Vegan Farro Salad with Fava Beans and Vegan Feta

It was a sweltering and surprisingly humid summer in Oregon after we returned from Italy. Ideal weather for making a variety of cold, refreshing salads. One of those perfect summer salads is this Mediterranean-Style Farro Salad with Fava beans and Vegan Feta and dressed with a simple Tangy Lemon Vinaigrette. […]

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Just One More Spoon: 5 Vegan Eats in Tokyo

30th August 2014
Vegan Tokyo

I would like to welcome ‘Sydneysider’ foodie and passionate vegan Keren from Just One More Spoon to our blog. I can’t wait to see her soon in Indonesia next month, it would be interesting to try vegan Indonesian cuisine together! Last year Keren traveled to Tokyo for Christmas and now, […]

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Paresa Resort Phuket: Vegetarian Street Food Festival Package

27th August 2014
Paresa Resort Phuket Aqua Pool Suite

Two years ago we had one of the most remarkable, enlightening and enjoyable experiences when we traveled to Thailand for the Phuket Vegetarian Festival. During the 10-day Phuket Vegetarian Festival, vegan food is a primary component of the rituals and traditions of this holy celebration. Across the island kitchens are […]

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Choosing Raw Book Review + Giveaway (Closed)

23rd August 2014
Choosing Raw Book Giveaway

I have been an avid reader of Gena Hamshaw’s Choosing Raw blog for some time now. If you aren’t already familiar with her site, take a moment to check out her inspirational efforts to deliver nutrition and support for people seeking to live healthier lives on a plant-based diet. She […]

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Interview: Gena Hamshaw of Choosing Raw

22nd August 2014
Choosing Raw Interview

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Gena of Choosing Raw, a woman whom I admire greatly for her strength, her knowledge and her passion for veganism.   What prompted you to start working on your cookbook, ‘Choosing Raw’? Do you see yourself working on more cookbooks or perhaps something […]

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Choosing Raw: Raw Corn Salsa

22nd August 2014
Raw Corn Salsa

Perfect. That’s all you really need to know about this recipe. But don’t take my word for it, try it and find out for yourself. This insanely mouthwatering salsa is vibrant, fresh and packed full of Latin flavors that just belong together – Avocado, cilantro, green onion, tomato, raw corn […]

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Choosing Raw: Asparagus Quinoa Sushi Rolls

22nd August 2014
Choosing Raw Asparagus Sushi Rolls

The combination of asparagus and avocado provide the crunch and cream to this roll while the quinoa holds up remarkably well inside the nori without falling apart like you might expect. This recipe made 5 sushi rolls, enough for 3-4 people. These were great leftover and since they held up […]

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