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My Juice Cleanse inspired by BluePrintCleanse Excavation Cleanse

I was both inspired by my 3-day juice cleanse with BluePrintCleanse and their Excavation Cleanse (the most difficult cleanse level). You have probably seen my earlier post on these lovely BPA-free Bormioli Rocco Aquaria Water Jugs. They are BPA-free, made in Italy, come in 41-ounces and dishwasher-safe. Perfect for two servings of juices!


For road trips or to-go beverages, I use these bottles, 6-pack of Aquasana 18 Oz. Glass Bottles but the necks are a bit narrow to pour compared to the carafes above, but they are tolerable for to-go beverages. They are also dishwasher-safe and BPA-free like the carafes above.

My Juice Cleanse inspired by BluePrintCleanse Excavation Cleanse

Pictured above, these are the Bormioli Rocco Aquaria Water Jugs. They are BPA-free, made in Italy, come in 41-ounces and dishwasher-safe. Perfect for two servings of juices.

I also used Aquasana water bottles for 16-ounces servings. These are dishwasher-safe glass bottles with BPA-free plastic lids.

I am currently using Omega VRT350 and it is a great juicer so far. The only small issue is that it may produce some pulp from the kale and parsley, but I did not mind straining them in my Pyrex 1-Quart Measuring Cup where I can measure my juices (32 oz).


For my day juice cleanse, I drink four 16 oz green juices, one 16 oz cashew milk and one 16 oz fresh lemonade with cayenne pepper. I have done one, two, three, and even five-day cleanses, sometimes I would make myself a 16oz of carrot-ginger or fruit-based juice to have a variety.

My juice cleanse schedule would look like this:

8:00 am: 16-oz green juice
10:00 am: 16-oz green juice
12:00 pm: 16-oz green juice
2:00 pm: 16-oz lemonade
4:00 pm: 16-oz green juice
(you can make a carrot-ginger juice, too)
7:00 pm: 16-oz raw cashew milk or any raw nut milk

It is a bit similar to BluePrintCleanse Excavation Cleanse.

I am happy to share my juice cleanse recipes and I followed the recipe all the time. I always make my 1st day of juices the night before my cleanse because it is harder to do all of them in the morning.

Rika's Green Monster Juice

Yield: about 64-oz


4 large cucumbers
1 kale head
1 green collards or spinach bundle
2 big lemons (or 4 small lemons)
4 medium apples (keep skin on for organic)
½ parsley bunch
8 celery ribs
½ cup filtered water
optional: add 1" piece of ginger or fennel head


  1. Prep and clean all of the ingredients.Juice all the ingredients using a juicer. Add ½ cup water to filter your juicer. If you see pulp, use a strainer prior pouring in jar or carafe.


This will cover 1 day juice cleanse, totaling four 16-oz green juices. I used a 64-oz Pyrex measuring cup for my juicer. This prep and juicing took me an hour in total depending on efficiency.


I also made raw cashew milk, enough for 2-day cleanse (16-oz each day). It was somewhat adapted by HomeFitnessManual, but the recipe makes up to 32-oz. It’s tasty and creamy. I highly recommend using the vanilla beans for more texture and flavor. However, I am often on budget, and tend to use natural and organic vanilla extract. You can use less raw agave from the recipe if you do not want a sweet cashew milk or use another raw sweetener depending on your taste.

Raw Cashew Milk

Yield: about 32-oz (1 quart)


1 cup raw cashews
4 cups filtered water
3 tablespoons raw agave nectar
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract or 4-inch piece of vanilla bean
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
pinch sea salt


  1. Soak cashews in water overnight or at least 8-10 hours until soft.
  2. Blend half of the cashews and water in a blender. Then add the rest of the cashews until blended nearly smooth. Add the rest of the ingredients. Blend again.


If you prefer a smooth cashew milk, strain it through cheesecloth. I prefer mine with some cashew leftover chunks like BluePrintCleanse's cashew milk. This covers two-day cleanses (16-oz. each).

Sometimes, you might feel slightly creative to make a yummy fruit juice during your “excavation” cleanse. One of the yummy fruit juices I made was the 3 C’s and Ginger Root Juice. I made the name up. The 3 C’s are celery, clementine and carrot.



3C + Ginger Juice


6 large carrots
12 clementines (peeled)
3 celery ribs
2 inches ginger root (peeled)
½ cup filtered cold water


  1. Peel all clementines, prep and chop all carrots and celery. Juice all ingredients. Add 1/2 cup filtered cold water in the end to filter the juicer.