Vegan Danish Open Sandwiches (Smørrebrød) + Viana

It has been four years since we lived in Århus, the second-largest city in Denmark. I wish I can turn back time and document my vegan eats in Denmark, but I imagine right now, it is becoming more vegan-friendly. In Denmark, you will see cafes and restaurants offering Smørrebrød, which are Danish Open Sandwiches. It is a daily staple and classic sandwich for many Danes. Smørrebrød usually consists of a piece of buttered dark rye bread with toppings such as pieces of meat or seafood, cold cut, cheese, spreads and fresh herbs. Of course, we wanted to veganize Smørrebrød!


We made Vegan Danish Open Sandwiches (Smørrebrød) with Viana creamy sunflower spreads (and lentil curry spread) and plenty of fresh vegetables and herbs. It was pretty fun to decorate your own vegan Smørrebrød.



All Viana Creamy Sunflower Spreads are 100% vegan certified organic, non-GMO project verified and gluten-free. They both have one year shelf life. Nearly all the ingredients are organically grown. Viana is a sister German brand of and Soyatoo! whipped creams.


Viana is a sister brand of, offering a selection of plant-based spreads and pâtés. Founded in 1988 in Cologne, Germany, Viana is a traditional brand of the company GmbH. Viana products use “wheat, soybeans and fresh organic vegetables into delicious meat alternatives, tofu products, soy and rice drinks and fine soy creams” (Viana Biography).

available in

several sunflower spreads varieties: eggplant, papaya curry, horseradish, red pepper, wild herbs and italian vegetables. Viana also carry creamy lentil & curry spread and onion butter.

where to buy

They are available on Or you can look for “Viana” products at In the U.S., they are also available at Viva La Vegan in LA and Nooch Vegan Store in Denver. They can be seen anywhere at health food stores and supermarkets in Europe.

Available on below:

Viana Italian Vegetable – Creamy Sunflower Spread
Viana Horseradish – Creamy Sunflower Spread
Viana Eggplant – Creamy Sunflower Spread
Viana Wild Herb – Creamy Sunflower Spread
Viana Red Pepper – Creamy Sunflower Spread
Viana Lentil Curry – Creamy Lentil Spread
Viana Papaya Curry-Sunflower Spread
Viana Onion Butter Seasoned Vegan Spread


We are also a huge fan of Viana Veggie Snack Sausages To Go (see review here). They are perfect and ideal travel snacks to go packed with lots of flavors. Their ingredients are 100% vegan, certified organic and Non-Gmo Project Verified. There are two different types: Mild Jumbo and Picnicker. They are available at for $1.99 apiece. They are available on in bulk orders below:

Viana Sausages, Picnickers
Viana Sausage – Mild Jumbo


For the Vegan Danish Open Sandwiches (Smørrebrød), we used Mestemacher Pumpernickel for the bread. You can find them at any local markets or health food stores in the U.S. It is a all natural whole grain, sourdough based bread with whole rye kernels. It contains no preservatives.

Mestemacher Pumpernickel

The ingredients are shown here: Whole Kernel Rye, Water, Whole Rye Flour, Whole Meal Wheat Flour, Salt, Malt Extract, Yeast.

We also used Viana Onion Butter Seasoned Vegan Spread to butter the bread for a bit of flavor.






the verdict

We received eight different spreads from Viana: Eggplant, Horseradish, Italian Vegetables, Lentil Curry, Papaya Curry, Red Pepper, and Wild Herbs especially the Onion Butter, a seasoned vegan butter alternative. Our favorite Viana creamy sunflower spreads are Italian Vegetables, Red Pepper and Papaya Curry. We also liked the Eggplant, which works well with pita bread (not pictured).

viana eggplant-sunflower spread

The Eggplant-Sunflower spread was not pictured on the Smørrebrød. The product arrived a week later. We tried it with pita bread and it was pretty tasty with mildly sweeter tones and not too smoky. The presence of eggplants is not overwhelming. The spread is very creamy, compared to the Lentil Curry spread reviewed below. You can find it here on


viana horseradish-sunflower spread

The Horseradish-Sunflower spread is not very strong. It comes across sweet and mildly peppery. However, you can smell the horseradish right away once opened. You can find it here on


viana italian vegetables-sunflower spread

This is one of our favorite spreads. The color and texture is similar to “Red Pepper-Sunflower” spread as reviewed below. The dominant flavor is the roasted tomatoes. You can see tomatoes and eggplants in the spread. This creamy spread can be a potential “cheesy” pizza sauce. You can find it here on


viana lentil curry spread + picnicker veggie sausage

The Lentil Curry spread comes across thicker than the Viana sunflower spreads due to the lentils. I prefer the creamy sunflower spreads for open sandwiches. The Lentil Curry spread works well as sandwich fillings for a bit of texture from the lentils and the mildly sweet curry flavor. You can find it here on

The Picknicker veggie sausage has more ingredients than the Mild Jumbo, especially with smoked tofu and seaweed extract. This one is our favorite one. It looked like a yummy ‘chorizo-style’ sausage made with smoked tofu and plenty of spices. You can view our review here. You can find it here on


viana papaya curry-sunflower spread

This is one of our favorite spreads. We reviewed the product before, you can view our review here. I was a bit hesitant to try a fruity and savory spread, but I love the combination. The spread tastes a bit like German curry spread. It is not too strong, but sweet and savory. I can imagine using it as a base for salad, rice, sandwich, or vegan meat coating. But it works great with bread. It is not runny, it’s perfect as a creamy spread. I could taste the papaya very well. Kudos to this wonderful spread! You can find it here on

For the coconut bacon, we used Phoney Baloney’s, and it’s both vegan and gluten-free.


viana red pepper-sunflower spread

This is also one of our favorite spreads on open-faced sandwiches It comes across sweeter and mildly roasted red bell peppers, and far different than the “Italian Vegetables-Sunflower” spread reviewed above. You can find it here on


viana wild herbs-sunflower spread

The Wild Herbs-Sunflower spread is a great sandwich filling, but not as open-faced bread. However, it serves as a great dip with salty gourmet crackers or veggies. You can find it here on




This item(s) was kindly sent to me to review by Viana. All products that are mentioned and reviewed here on my vegan blog are of my own personal opinions and I am not being compensated to review them, only just to share my thoughts. If I receive a product complimentary of the company, it will be stated so in the post, otherwise, all products are purchased myself for my own personal use.