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My Three-Day BluePrintCleanse: Renovation Cleanse Level



In August, I was cordially invited by BluePrintCleanse (BPC) to do a three-day cleanse project and document on my cleanse. I started my 3-day cleanse at BPC Renovation Cleanse Level from September 1st to 3rd, 2012.

BluePrintCleanse (BPC) is the first nutritional cleanse offering different levels of intensity depending on one’s dietary habits and history. Six 16 oz raw fruit and vegetable juices daily in place of meals nourish your body while giving it a much needed break. They are all 100% raw, organic, vegan, and gluten-free. Do yourself a solid—go liquid with BPC fresh pressed juice, delivered straight to your door anywhere in the U.S.

There are different cleanse levels: Renovation, Foundation and Excavation. I chose the Renovation Cleanse level, which is a “gateway or Class-A” cleanse, but I would like to try all of their different juices since Foundation and Excavation have fewer juice varieties. As a side note, BluePrintCleanse (BPC) also offers Bridal Packages that range from 6 to 36 days of juice, complete with personalized nutritional consultations and indulgent rewards from a few of their favourite partners and lastly, the Exhale Spa Package that includes 3-day cleanse, 3 days of classes at Exhale and 1 healing spa therapy at Exhale, and you can view locations if you choose the package.

I have done cleansing few times in 2005-2006 for one week on liquids, but it gets harder to cleanse often when you don’t have time, or even have time to juice on a busy work-school schedule. This is why BluePrintCleanse (BPC) came up with this clever slogan: “We Think you Drink”. You don’t have to worry about creating your customised order, because the bottles are specifically numbered for you. You don’t need to prep, chop up these veggies and juice them. It’s a convenient way when you are too busy to cleanse.

BPC juices are numbered and follow the order they have set up for you, for easy digestion and maximum absorption of nutrients. Each bottle lists the ingredients that the juice contains.

As for delivery, most delivery will be before 11:00 a.m. depending on your location, but your juice may arrive as late as 4:00 p.m. the day you are meant to begin. You must consume your juice within SIX days after you receive it. It’s super fresh, completely raw and unpasteurized. You are meant to begin your cleanse the day it arrives. As for those bottles, please help save Mother Nature & recycle the empties on your own!

A second note for clients in multi-unit dwellings and apartment complexes: Even with a waived signature request, the FEDEX driver will NOT leave your package to avoid it being stolen. If you truly wish to have your package left then please leave a note on your door! This also goes for any other delivery specifics as well. BPC have limited space on their labels to print so help them help you!

BPC Renovation Cleanse Nutritional Info

BPC Renovation Cleanse Nutritional Info

I received the Welcome e-mail from BPC:

When you begin on your first day start off with some water or water with lemon to wake up your system and get things moving. Hot is best, but room temperature is just fine too. Drink your six juices in their numbered order as often as you need to. Because we’re not all operating on the same schedule, a good rule of thumb is to wait at least one hour between juices and to finish the last beverage at least two hours before you sleep. Consuming anything before or close to bedtime does not allow your insides proper rest.

Throughout the day, keep flushing your system – drink water, green tea (regular or decaf) and herbal teas, as much as you like. Just keep it coming! If you notice you are having… trouble… (which is totally natural, as you’re not taking in any fiber while on green juices), some flax seed oil added to the juices, an herbal supplement, or a colonic is an excellent way to keep things moving. (See our website for laxative and non-laxative suggestions under “how” and “hydrate & eliminate”).

BluePrintCleanse Renovation


While BPC recommend you abstain from food during your cleanse, they realize you can’t always resist temptation; so if you’re going to do it, at least be safe. Avoid extra acid like vinegar or Tabasco, or salt – these will interrupt your digestion and make you feel funny.

• a few celery stalks
• a quarter of an avocado
• a couple slices of cucumber
• dilute any drink with water
• warm vegetable broth (low sodium)
• a half cup of black coffee (only their nut milk!)
• drink half of the cashew nut milk in the a.m
• add a pinch of celtic sea salt to any drink for energy

My 3-Day BPC Diary

DAY ONE: Saturday September 1, 2012

10:00am #1 Green Juice: Tastes like celery, bits of greens, and apple. Reminded me of juicing my mother would make for me as a teenager. The juice contains organic romaine, organic apple, organic celery, organic cucumber, organic spinach, organic kale, organic parsley and organic lemon at 130 calories.
12:00pm #2 PAM: Pineapple & Apple & Mint at 210 calories. Very refreshing after the first drink. Feel a bit lightheaded, tired, no energy. I drank hot green tea, I was struggling at my 2nd drink.
2:00pm #3 Green Juice: Same as #1. Not my favourite. It was edible as in juicing. Chapped lips, apply lip balm.
4:30pm #4 Spicy Lemonade: No strong scent. I can taste the cayenne and lemonade. It doesn’t taste entirely like a fresh lemonade, I think the cayenne took over the flavour.
6:30pm #5 CAB: Carrot & Apple & Beet. Very ginger and wintery flavour. Very red due to beet colour. It took me awhile to finish it.
8:30pm #6 Cashew Milk: TASTES AMAZING! A rewarding gift for the first day cleanse! Vanilla specks, cashew chunks, shake it completely before drinking.

DAY TWO: Sunday September 2, 2012

I weighed myself. I lost about 2.4 lbs that day. I felt a bit tired and lack a bit of energy on my 2nd BPC Cleanse. I started to drink a lot of green and fruit tea to keep myself up and running. I had one celery stalk that day and for some reason, it tasted savoury for me.

DAY THREE: Monday September 3, 2012

I weighed myself that day, lost 1.4 lbs. It felt like I could get through the day easily compared to the first two days. My stomach rumbled as it denotes being hungry. I had one celery stalk that day and for some reason, it tasted savoury for me. I couldn’t make the 5th drink, CAB due to the strong ginger flavour, it suppresses my appetite from drinking anything more. But once I get to the last decadent drink, cashew milk, I was relieved and satisfied that I completed my 3-day cleanse.

My Post BPC Verdict

I lost nearly 4 lbs during my 3-day BluePrintCleanse. It was a bit difficult for me since I haven’t cleansed that long since 2006. If you have juice cleansed more than two days this year, it shouldn’t be that hard for you. After my 3-day cleanse, I did not have the desire to eat solids. My mind kept telling me to keep drinking these juices, rely on liquids. It took me 1-2 days to get back to solids for good. I turned to eating raw every other day after my cleanse, which made me feel good, revived and comfortable with what I eat. Now I was determined to do another cleanse in a short period of time because I wanted to feel good and rejuvenated again. I may not have the time to juice (which is what BluePrintCleanse is for), but the cleanse experience has convinced me to save up for a juicer next year, whereas I can make my own juices I like. However, when I don’t have time, I would go back for BluePrintCleanse since they prepare all juices in order for you in a timely manner.

My Finished BPC bottles

BPC Post Cleanse

BPC Post Cleanse

BPC Post Cleanse

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