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Product Review: Tofutti Ice Creams

I am reviewing two newest Tofutti vegan desserts: Yours Truly Caramel Sundae and Cafè Latte bars.

Tofutti Ice Cream

Tofutti Ice Cream

★ ABOUT: In the 1970s, a Brooklyn restaurant owner, David Mintz was looking for a dairy substitute to use at his kosher restaurant whereas he’d discovered tofu. This concept became “Tofutti”, where there are variety of dairy-free soy-based products such as Better than Cream Cheese & Sour Supreme. Tofutti also carry dairy-free frozen desserts such as Tofutti Cuties, ice cream pints and stick treats. Not all of Tofutti products are vegan such as the Mintz’s Blintzes. All Tofutti products are kosher (KOF-K) certified.

Tofutti Ice Cream

Tofutti Ice Cream “Cafè Latte dipped in Rich Dark Chocolate”

These Tofutti’s Cafè latte bars reminded me of chocolate skinny bars I used to eat when I was a kid, instead, it has coffee/latte flavour. The combination of chocolate and cafè latte was very tasty. At 130 calories per serving, it is a lighter chocolate indulgence.

★ INGREDIENTS: I can’t find the ingredients on their website, however here is the nutrition fact:

Tofutti Cafe Latte bars

Tofutti Ice Cream

Tofutti Ice Cream

Tofutti Ice Cream“Crunchy sugar cones lined with rich chocolate, topped with smooth creamy vanilla and dipped in a thick chocolate coating with chocolate cookie crunchies.”

Tofutti’s Yours Truly Caramel Sundae is one of my favourite vegan desserts (contains soy and wheat). It is very rare to see a vegan sundae cone product in the U.S. (as of Summer 2012). There was another vegan sundae brand that I had in Italy with nuts rather than the yummy chocolate cookie crumbs. The sugar cone was a bit chewy & soft to chew off, but not “crunchy” as described, probably due to being frozen (it’s hard to freeze and de-frost a cone). However, I enjoyed the creamy vanilla dipped in chocolate coating with chocolate cookie crumbs. The best part was getting to the caramel in the centre, and I certainly wish there was more of that luscious caramel.

★ INGREDIENTS: Water, sugar, corn syrup solids, corn and soy oils, soy protein, tofu powder, maltodextrin, cocoa butter, caramel, vanilla with other natural flavors, guar, xanthan, locust bean and carrageenan gum, soy lecithin, salt, veg. mono and diglycerides, anatto color.
Chocolate coating ingredients:
Coconut oil, organic evaporated sugar cane juice, cocoa processed with alkali, soy lecithin, salt, vanilla with other natural flavors.

Cone ingredients:
Wheat flour, sugar, corn syrup solids, soy oil, corn flour, modified corn starch, salt, caramel color, baking soda, veg. mono and triglycerides, soy lecithin.

Chocolate crunch ingredients:
Wheat flour, sugar, cocoa processed with alkali, palm oil, corn syrup, corn flour, soy lecithin, baking soda, salt.

Tofutti Ice Cream


This item(s) was kindly sent to me to review by Tofutti. All products that are mentioned and reviewed here on my vegan blog are of my own personal opinions and I am not being compensated to review them, only just to share my thoughts. Any products mentioned here should be used at your own discretion and with caution. I only review cruelty-free and vegan products. I will not review any products that I don’t love. If I receive a product complimentary of the company, it will be stated so in the post, otherwise, all products are purchased myself for my own personal use.