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Interview: Andrea from Mexico City

Name: Andrea Espinoza
Funniest Nickname: Andi? Unfortunately, all my nicknames are embarrassing, not funny!
Location: Mexico, Federal District, Mexico
Occupation: Communications student/vegan nail polish aficionado

Blog Name: Vegan Mexican Food
Blog WWW:
Twitter: @darth_lorr
Facebook: /darthsideofthemoon
Pinterest: /cadavrexquis

Where are you based in and how long have you been living there?
I’m currently living in Xochimilco, Mexico City and have been here since January ’12. Before that, I lived here from July to December back in ’09.


How did you start as a vegan? Tell your story.
I went vegan little more than 2 years ago and was vegetarian 3 years before that. Trying to give up cheese was a struggle, but being on the Post Punk Kitchen forum and meeting other vegans helped me make the transition from vegetarian to vegan.

What inspired you to start a blog? What sort of topics do you generally about?
Other blogs, definitely! I saw how others shared their recipes and funny stories and wanted to do the same.
I generally talk about food but I like to sneak some personal experiences in there, too.

What is your favourite vegan local meal & dessert?
Tacos and pineapple tamales.


What are your favourite vegan restaurants in Mexico City and how often do you eat out in Mexico City?
Gold Taco! Not vegan, but they have decent options and The Green Corner is a close second. I eat out at least once a week.

You live in Mexico City, where tortillas are popular. Do you prefer flour or corn or blue corn? Why?
That’s a tough one! I love flour tortillas but most are made with lard and blue aren’t as common as white or yellow corn tortillas, so I’m choosing blue.

Which area of Mexico City is best for vegan food?
Coyoacán, Roma or Condesa.

Is that true that Mexico lacks groceries compared to U.S.? Got a reason?
Yes. Even though I still hear people complain, the U.S. markets are more inclusive, having options for almost everybody with some kind of dietary restriction or people with different lifestyles like us. México on the other hand, is getting there but really slowly. There are plenty of gluten-free and vegan-friendly products in health food stores but the prices are higher than usual.

What is your experience ordering vegan dishes at any restaurants in Mexico City?
Most servers will give you a weird look if you ask about ingredients or try to modify a dish to make it vegan but others will happily help you out (even if they think you’re a little crazy).

What is your favourite taco filling?
Cochinita pibil.

Do you ever cook, if so, what is your favorite style or ethnicity of cooking?
Mexican food! But I love asian-inspired food as well.


What local ingredient could you not live without?
Hot sauce.

Tell me more about your pet(s).
I have a dog called Ellie. She’s a little out of her mind but we all love her to pieces.


What vegan food adventures are on your horizon for the upcoming summer?
I’m going back to my hometown (Tijuana) to finish school and hope to discover more vegan options at omni restaurants!



Any last minute advices on visiting Mexico City?
Bring your vegan passport or dictionary because many people here just speak spanish!


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