Roma: Groceries with Vegan Products

There are two nearby groceries near the flat on Via Dei Greci that I stayed at, you can find some fresh pizza bianca/rozza in the bakeries, vegan caramel puddings on the sweets section, ice cream cones/gelato in the freezers, and some good hearty soups, then some bags of yummy potato chips. The vegan ice cream

Roma: Il Margutta Ristor Arte di Claudio e Tina Vannini

At the corner of Via del Babuino and Via Margutta, Il Margutta Ristor Arte di Claudio e Tina Vannini, also known as Il Margutta Vegetariano was mere 10 minutes walk from our flat situated on Via Dei Greci in the central Roma. After scrutinizing the articles based on vegan-friendly eateries in Roma, Il Margutta appeared

Roma: Italian Vegan Potato Pizza

Surprisingly vegan, it is considered as one of my favourite pizza on this planet without meat or cheese on it. Liking the fact that pizza allows freshly sliced potatoes as the primary topping and how the crust provides the crispiness and the softness in the potatoes which nearly substitutes as cheese. It is known as "pizza