Eating Vegan at NRT: Ana Lounge Satellite No. 5

I am a fan of (Tokyo, NRT) Narita International Airport's ANA lounges. There are few different ANA lounges at NRT airport. I flew to NRT (Tokyo Narita) from Seattle and attended the ANA lounge Satellite No. 5 at the 4th floor in Terminal 1 (the left side of the map below). The ANA Suite Lounge

What’s Vegan at Koru Air New Zealand Domestic Lounge?

It was my first time to be at Auckland International airport, but I was transitting to Wellington as a domestic flight. So I haven't seen any of Auckland yet. I attended Koru Air New Zealand Domestic lounge , which was pretty large, but very busy compared to other international lounges in Asia region I've been

What’s Vegan at Silver Kris Singapore Airlines (SQ) Lounge?

I attended Silver Kris Singapore Airlines (SQ) lounge at Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) Bangkok a few times. I admit it was one of my favourite lounges at BKK airport because it was very remote, quiet and reserved. However, it did not have a bathroom, but it wasn't much of a big deal because the public restrooms

What’s Vegan at Thai Airways Lounges?

I went to check out a few Thai Airways Royal Silk lounges: one at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL) and two at Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) Bangkok. I highly recommend the larger lounge at Suvarnabhumi, the one without shower rooms because it's vast and huge with plenty of seats without the feeling of being boxed in. Location

Stuttgart: Vegan at Lufthansa Business/Senator Lounge

What's Vegan? Pickles, fresh fruit cups, juices, pretzels/bread rolls, fruit jam, vegetable margarine (Becel), raw vegetables (cucumber/tomato slices) and FREE vodka. :) Location, Hours and Access (via Terminal 1/2 on Level E4 (upper level above gate 173, use stairs or elevator) Mon-Sun 05:15-21:00 (Sat only till 20:00) Access LH HON LH SEN StarAlliance Gold with same day StarAlliance ticket LH first-class PAX HON's, Senators,

London Heathrow Airport (LHR): Star Alliance Club Lounge

London Heathrow (LHR)'s Star Alliance Club Lounge is probably my favourite lounge after all (after being in three so far on one day). I loved the services and the British people are so friendly. Beverages and food were exceptional: salad with herb dressing, bag of salty chips, fresh bread rolls with English jam and variety