VegaVita Vleischkäse and Cevapcici

Austria carries one of the 100% plant-based vegan brands called, "VegaVita" and most of the products range from spreads to sausages to schnitzel. You can find most of the products at Merkurt, sometimes at Spar or Billa. In conclusion, VegaVita are slightly greasy. They all taste completely the same, plus the texture was a bit different

VegaVita Kräuteraufstrich

I got a Kräuteraufstrich spread at Merkurmarkt in Vienna, Austria, which was a tofu-based spread with herbs (in German: Bio-Tofu Aufstrich mit Kräutern). Known for its "V"-label, Vegavita carries only 100% plant-based products and I believe they are only found in Austria (correct me if I'm wrong).  The Kräuteraufstrich flavour tasted delicious, a bit savoury

VegaVita Schnitzel with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

In Vienna, Austria, I had a really simple and comforting meal: Austrian-style Schnitzel by Vegavita with homemade mashed potatoes and gravy. Schnitzel is a traditional dish that is part of Viennese and Austrian cuisine, made with fried boneless meat, coated in breadcrumbs, however it can be bought as vegan, thanks to VegaVita. To be honest,

Vegan Spaghetti with Minced Sausages, Diced Potatoes and Carrots in Italian basil sauce

Not a fan of video blogging, but I'd decided to make one of them since I need something different. Plus with my Canon 5D, it does have very nice video capabilities. About a few days ago, we made a vegan spaghetti with minced sausages (they were sausages by VegaVita), diced boiled potatoes and carrots plus sweet

€30 Vegan Products at Austrian Grocery Merkur

Here are the vegan products I bought so far today at the Austrian supermarket, Merkur (website) at Millennium City mall in Vienna (Wien). Total cost was around €30 (~$45 with fees) for nearly everything. I hate how the euro is climbing and killing the dollar, but hey, at least enjoy how vegan-friendly Austria is sometimes. [caption