Wien: Vegan Marble Cake by Bernds Welt

Thanks to Bernds, I had the opportunity to try a "freshly-made" vegan Marmorguglhupf, because most of his marble cakes were frozen at the distributors. But I only had a day and a day of train trip to finish the beautifully sculptured vegan marble cake with chocolate/vanilla twists (about 6" in diameter, not sure, but it

Austria’s #1 VEGAN Bakery, seriously #1.

I had the amazing opportunity to meet with the Baker, Bernd Hartner at Bernds Welt for a coffee on my last day in Austria. We chatted vigorously for hours, practically all morning from 7am. He's so down-to-earth compared to other Austrian locals and a wicked genius in making pastries/strudels/bread "perfect". He wanted the pastries/strudels/bread to

Wien: Vegan Walnuss-Strudel by Bernds Welt

I bought a vegan walnuss-strudel for about €5 at Spar Gourmet (off Nußdorfer Straße in Wien, Austria), which was distributed by Austria's #1 fabulous vegan bakery, Bernds Welt. The bakery is known for its vegan strudels and traditional Austrian pastries. My thoughts: I was full of glee when I saw Bernds Welt's products in a small

Last Few Vegan Grocery Items I bought in Vienna, Austria

It's been a week since I left Vienna, Austria. I don't really miss it, but I really love how I can get out of the U.S. for awhile. Here are the following remaining grocery items I bought in Vienna. Some of them are from a kosher shop called, "Kosherland" just off Kleine Sperlgasse and Merkur. Want

VegaVita Vleischkäse and Cevapcici

Austria carries one of the 100% plant-based vegan brands called, "VegaVita" and most of the products range from spreads to sausages to schnitzel. You can find most of the products at Merkurt, sometimes at Spar or Billa. In conclusion, VegaVita are slightly greasy. They all taste completely the same, plus the texture was a bit different

Sheese Cheddar Style with Chives

I was a bit familiar with the vegan cheese brand: Sheese during my time in the UK, however I did not try the Cheddar style with Chives. I got it at Formosa Vegetarisches Shop in Vienna, Austria for about €4 (or $6). When I first opened it, I thought the texture was very good for