Mexico City: Orígenes Orgánicos

27th April 2012

Orígenes Orgánicos

Location & Hours & Notes

I fell in love with the outdoor, colourful modern-looking organic grocery and cafe in La Condesa: Orígenes Orgánicos. Sadly, I did not try their food or organic certified produces, but I thought I would like to share another natural foods grocery in La Condesa area. I will try the cafe sometimes soon this week.

There are not EVEN natural foods groceries in Zona Rosa, where I am currently staying at, but there are plenty of Korean/Asian groceries in that area I will discuss in the next future posts.

According to Orígenes Orgánicos’ menu, it seemed vegetarian-friendly with the (V) next to a menu item, however you might need to ask your server to have that made vegan. I noticed the (V) menu items contained cheese (“queso” in Spanish). However they do serve fresh beverages and juices.

Orígenes Orgánicos

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Orígenes Orgánicos

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