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Mexico City: OXXO and the vegan beef

I would like to share the newest two items that I don’t think you can find anywhere on the blogs or Google focusing on vegan Mexico City. It was discovered by my partner at OXXO, who tends to be curious on less-appealing grocery items that are vegan-friendly. OXXO is a bit like 7-Eleven, a type of small convenience store, but only known to Mexico. There are so many of them in Mexico City, especially in Zona Rosa where I am currently staying at, so it shouldn’t be a problem finding them. I would say OXXO would be vegan-friendly since they do have chips (labelled junk food for me), marzipan, juices/beer/soda, etc. if you are lazy to go grocery shopping or did not feel like heading to an actual grocery.

According to Wikipedia, “OXXO was founded in Monterrey in 1977, following a FEMSA marketing plan to use company-owned stores to promote and market the Cerveceria Cuauhtémoc beer brands[...]The first official OXXO store was opened in 1978 in Monterrey. Oxxo stores then spread to Chihuahua, Hermosillo and Nuevo Laredo. Throughout the eighties, OXXO gained fame around the cities where it was established. In 1998, the 1000th store was opened. On July 6th 2011 was announced the opening of the 9000th store, established in Oaxaca.”


INSTANT FOODS have two flavours available at couple of OXXO locations in Mexico City centre:

1. Res en salsa verde (Beef in Green Sauce)
2. Res en salsa rojo (Beef in Red Sauce)

They cost about $8.50 pesos ($0.65 apiece as of 04/28/2012), which is pretty cheap for a vegan beef alternative. Both of them are “con proteina de soya texturizada, verduras y especias deshidratadas”, or in English: with textured soy protein, dehydrated vegetables and spices. All you have to do is pour over boiling water up to the line marked on the inside of the cup and wait for 4 minutes for the soy beef to “beef up.”

Quick Tips:
In Mexico City, they do not offer that many vegan-friendly products in standard groceries except for tofu or soy rizo. However, if you would like a quick taco to go, all you have to do is make that and put in fresh corn tortillas and you are good to go! It’s cheap and a quick way to eat while you are visiting Mexico City!