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Las Vegas: Society Café at Wynn

23rd March 2013

Society Café is one of the vegan-friendly casual dining restaurants at Wynn Las Vegas serving American cuisine. The menu has a small section of vegan dishes such as the infamous “Wynn” Double Down burger. We enjoyed our dinner at the Society Café and the service was sterling. Our server (I wish I knew his name, but he was Asian) was well aware of our vegan dietary needs and made sure we had a vegan mustard butter that goes with our complimentary salted pretzel rolls. He continually checked in on us to see if we need more complimentary pretzel rolls without taking our plates off the table, which was pretty generous.


Las Vegas: Society Café at Wynn Complimentary vegan pretzel rolls, both were white and pumpernickel and very delicious. My favorite one was the pumpernickel. They come with a vegan mustard butter.

Society Café
The Wynn Las Vegas
3131 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Tele: (702) 770-5300
For reservations, (702) 248-DINE (3463)
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Mon to Thurs: 7:00 am – 11:00 pm
Fri to Sat: 7:00 am – 11:30 pm
Sun: 7:00 am – 11:00 pm

Menu can be found in the following pictures below. Menu items are subject to change.


Las Vegas: Society Café at Wynn Entrance of the restaurant with plushy red and black seats, with silky dark-colored curtains. It reminded me of a classic theater.


Las Vegas: Society Café at Wynn The current vegan menu from early December 2012, we only tried the “Wynn” Double Down Burger and the Orecchiette pasta.


Las Vegas: Society Café at Wynn Vegetarian, vegan, and allergen menus are available upon request.


Vegan Salted Pretzel Rolls Both were the pumpernickel and the white ones in a cute silver tin. Tasty ones.


Vegan Pumpernickel Salted Pretzel Roll It was a a complimentary appetizer, yet enjoyable. That was my favorite one. The other one was the white, regular salted pretzel roll.


Vegan Mustard Butter Such a tasty condiment for these yummy salted pretzel rolls. I wish I can take it away with me, or buy their recipe.


Pineapple mojito with sugar cane Doni wanted me to try their cocktail, so I did. It was a very tasty cocktail.


“Wynn” Double Down Burger That was Doni’s $15 dish, which consisted of double Gardein burger patties, soy American cheese, fries and a chocolate shake. The dish was simple, cute, delicious and traditional. It was a good cheesy burger along with an incredibly rich vegan chocolate milkshake and a side of crisp fries.


“Wynn” Double Down Burger The double Gardein burger with loads of soy American cheese. It looked like your ordinary old-fashioned burger! On the side, you have the option to add lettuces, pickles, a slice of tomato, and red onion. I didn’t have a notebook at that time, and pardon me if I did not include all the ingredients as the photo was taken few months ago.


“Wynn” Double Down Burger Comes with a side of crispy, flavored french fries. It felt like having an awesome burger meal at an upscale casual restaurant.


Vegan Orecchiette Pasta This was my dish, and it came with foraged mushrooms, asparagus, green and yellow beans, roasted tomatoes, brussel sprouts and broccoli rabe. It was expensive at $19 than the “Wynn” Double Down Burger, but it was a very delicious pasta dish with sauteed fresh seasonal vegetables. I loved the sauce and everything combined in it. It made my stomach happy.


Interior of Society Café at the Wynn


Interior of Society Café at the Wynn


Interior of Society Café at the Wynn


Interior of Society Café at the Wynn


Interior of Society Café at the Wynn


Interior of Society Café at the Wynn


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