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Vegan at Whole Foods Las Vegas

Vegan Beef Fajita Burrito

Vegan Beef Fajita Burrito, $6.99

Written and photographed by Doni.

Whole Foods @ Town Square
6689 Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89119 USA

On a recent trip to Las Vegas we had the pleasure of grabbing lunch at the Whole Foods on the Southernmost end of the strip. Not quite close enough to walk, the sidewalks along this busy road turn to gravel shortly after the Mandalay Bay, the Whole Foods at Town Square is an easy drive and a peaceful retreat from the mainstays of the strip. Rika and I don’t mind eating out but we’ll generally prefer grabbing some grub from a local market, especially when that market has an extensive vegan menu on offer. Sure Whole Foods can be a bit overpriced, but it’s nothing compared to the time and money one can waste trying to find decent vegan food at restaurants across America.

We’ve been to many Whole Foods but the Town Square WF in Vegas had the largest vegan selection of any that we have visited to date. There was a hot vegan bar stocked with seasonal offerings, the salad bar with clearly marked vegan options, the daily hot food bar (Indian cuisine on our visit) with some clearly marked vegan options and a taco bar with a few vegan options, including a Pomegranate Guacamole! In the deli case there was an entire quarter dedicated to vegan options. Further down the deli counter we found a daiya vegan pizza that we sampled, a list of nearly a dozen vegan sandwiches on offer and a small burrito bar with a vegan fajita burrito.

I let Rika decide what we would get and she opted for the vegan fajita burrito and the vegan chicken salad on sourdough,

Vegan Chicken Salad Sandwich (on Sourdough) $6.99

These both turned out to be delicious, affordable and relatively healthy choices. We look forward to returning to Las Vegas and returning to our favorite Whole Foods again.

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