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Philadelphia: Vegan Food at Whole Foods

I went to two locations for Whole Foods in Philadelphia centre in early September.

1. 2001 Pennsylvania Avenue, Philadelphia (A bit off in the area, kind of weird, but offers a lot of vegan stuff)
2. 929 South Street, Philadelphia (Nice street, posh neighbourhood, busy)

Do you know what I think of Philadelphia’s Whole Foods?

Fucking impressive.

It’s probably the best Whole Foods I have ever seen, a huge dream for me. They offer everything vegan in the bakery section: pies, cookies, muffins and of course a macrobiotic vegan section (which I was familiar with because I’ve seen these products in metro Boston, but this is only available off Pennsylvania Avenue). I have been to Whole Foods in Boston, Seattle, Portland and Las Vegas. The worst Whole Foods I have been to was downtown Portland (Oregon), trust me, it was a bit miserable compared to Philadelphia Whole Foods.

I was also impressed that they have a vegan turkey salad including cornbread and coffee bread.

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