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What’s Vegan in Rhode Island?

In February 2012, we flew to Boston and drove all the way to Providence and Newport, Rhode Island for a family wedding. I forgot to post these, so here they are (mind the grainy iPhone photos, I didn’t bring my professional camera there). I was full of uncertainty about central Rhode Island being “vegan”, because it’s a wee town! Although, I was approached by this amazing naturals food market, A Market Newport, and it was the only grocery that offers vegan-friendly deli and products. I was already in heavens for that.

Anyway I thought I can start with this super vegan Phone food log in Rhode Island starting with Providence, then Newport.

Providence, Rhode Island

We stopped by Providence to grab some grub at a vegan-friendly pizzeria, NICE SLICE. They also serve gluten-free pizzas. We tried a vegan hot chicken Parmesan & vegan meatball Parmesan on focaccia bread ($6.75 each). The vegan sandwiches were very juicy and delish, including the good focaccia bread. I would like to try their vegan pizzas next time! I notice they probably use Daiya mozzarella shreds in their sandwiches.

Nice Slice

Nice Slice

Nice Slice

Vegan Hot Chicken Parmesan on Foccacia Bread ($6.75 includes taxes)

Vegan Meatball Parmesan on Foccacia Bread ($6.75 includes taxes)

Vegan Boston Whoopie Pie by Cafe Indigo

After a great grub at Nice Slice, we drove to Whole Foods Providence to pick up some snacks because we wanted to make sure we were stuffed before the big wedding day.

I discovered a vegan Boston Whoopie Pie by Cafe Indigo, and have decided to take it with me to Newport as a snack. It was a yummy, hearty snack. The filling stuffed my stomach completely, and I like the dark chocolate soft cookies. I never had a Boston Whoopie Pie, but it sure did look like one, and it’s vegan! I ate it before the wedding day.

Newport, Rhode Island

We drove from Providence to Newport for a family wedding. It wasn’t that far of a drive. It was a gloomy, windy day in mid February. I cannot possibly imagine spending my vacation in Newport, Rhode Island during the winter season. It was windy, cold and just gloomy. I bet the spring and summer are beautiful at that time.

Before the wedding, we discovered a natural foods market, A Market Newport at Bellevue Shopping Center in Newport, RI. It was a small grocery that sells natural, organic, specialty and locally produced grocery items. In the back of the grocery, you will see plenty of vegan deli & salad dishes plus soups! I’m pretty sure they must have some vegan desserts in the back. I was happy about the market, because that’s the only vegan-friendly hub I can go pick up snacks from during a short visit. The only dish I didn’t like was the vegan Red Potato Salad, it was way too sweet for me. I liked my Red Potato Salad creamy and savory, not sweet!

A Market Newport

A Market Newport

A Market Newport

We went to a wedding rehearsal at The Atlantic Beach Club and Pavilion and we had our dishes made vegan in advance, which was pretty nice to see that in a omnivore-wedding.

The Atlantic Beach Club and Pavilion


2 Comments on “What’s Vegan in Rhode Island?”

  1. 1 Nancy said at 12:25 pm on November 29th, 2013:

    Rhode Island has more vegan options!!! Garden Grille and Wildflour Vegan Bakery in Pawtucket. And The Grange in Providence. All are super delicious! Next time you are in our little state you should check them out! :)

  2. 2 vegan miam said at 12:27 pm on November 29th, 2013:

    Aw I wish I have more time to try other vegan eats! Which one is your favorite? Thanks for sharing!

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