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What’s Vegan in Rhode Island?

In February 2012, we flew to Boston and drove all the way to Providence and Newport, Rhode Island for a family wedding. I forgot to post these, so here they are (mind the grainy iPhone photos, I didn’t bring my professional camera there). I was full of uncertainty about central Rhode Island being “vegan”, because it’s a wee town! Although, I was approached by this amazing naturals food market, A Market Newport, and it was the only grocery that offers vegan-friendly deli and products. I was already in heavens for that.

Anyway I thought I can start with this super vegan Phone food log in Rhode Island starting with Providence, then Newport.

Providence, Rhode Island

We stopped by Providence to grab some grub at a vegan-friendly pizzeria, NICE SLICE. They also serve gluten-free pizzas. We tried a vegan hot chicken Parmesan & vegan meatball Parmesan on focaccia bread ($6.75 each). The vegan sandwiches were very juicy and delish, including the good focaccia bread. I would like to try their vegan pizzas next time! I notice they probably use Daiya mozzarella shreds in their sandwiches.

Nice Slice

Nice Slice

Nice Slice

Vegan Hot Chicken Parmesan on Foccacia Bread ($6.75 includes taxes)

Vegan Meatball Parmesan on Foccacia Bread ($6.75 includes taxes)

Vegan Boston Whoopie Pie by Cafe Indigo

After a great grub at Nice Slice, we drove to Whole Foods Providence to pick up some snacks because we wanted to make sure we were stuffed before the big wedding day.

I discovered a vegan Boston Whoopie Pie by Cafe Indigo, and have decided to take it with me to Newport as a snack. It was a yummy, hearty snack. The filling stuffed my stomach completely, and I like the dark chocolate soft cookies. I never had a Boston Whoopie Pie, but it sure did look like one, and it’s vegan! I ate it before the wedding day.

Newport, Rhode Island

We drove from Providence to Newport for a family wedding. It wasn’t that far of a drive. It was a gloomy, windy day in mid February. I cannot possibly imagine spending my vacation in Newport, Rhode Island during the winter season. It was windy, cold and just gloomy. I bet the spring and summer are beautiful at that time.

Before the wedding, we discovered a natural foods market, A Market Newport at Bellevue Shopping Center in Newport, RI. It was a small grocery that sells natural, organic, specialty and locally produced grocery items. In the back of the grocery, you will see plenty of vegan deli & salad dishes plus soups! I’m pretty sure they must have some vegan desserts in the back. I was happy about the market, because that’s the only vegan-friendly hub I can go pick up snacks from during a short visit. The only dish I didn’t like was the vegan Red Potato Salad, it was way too sweet for me. I liked my Red Potato Salad creamy and savory, not sweet!

A Market Newport

A Market Newport

A Market Newport

We went to a wedding rehearsal at The Atlantic Beach Club and Pavilion and we had our dishes made vegan in advance, which was pretty nice to see that in a omnivore-wedding.

The Atlantic Beach Club and Pavilion

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