Elegantly Vegan: Five Vegan Eats in Gothenburg (Göteborg)

27th October 2014

Veronica from Elegantly Vegan has joined us before as a guest blogger and we’re happy to welcome her back to Vegan Miam. A passionate and talented digital designer and vegan cookbook author, Veronica is one of my dearest friends and a genuinely lovely and inspiring lady. Veronica is from Sweden and living in Gothenburg, a city that I have long wanted to visit. Along with what Veronica tells me about Sweden, Doni also speaks fondly of it after spending a year there before we met.

When Veronica recently sent me some of her homemade vegan saffron toffee caramels all the way from Gothenburg, I couldn’t stop eating these irresistible delights. I admit that I have a sweet tooth but the saffron made them so much more decadently delicious. Pardon my ramblings about how much I love her delightful creations because Veronica is here to share some of her local insight into Sweden’s lively second city. Here are Veronica’s Five Vegan Eats in Gothenburg.

Vegan Gothenburg

You may not have heard about this tres hipsteresque small town on the west coast of Sweden called Gothenburg. Either way, it’s making its name known through the rest of the world. When I first moved back here from spending five marvelous years in London, it was an adjustment, to say the least. But now however the vegan food options are growing steadily.

I actually had trouble with compiling this selection of only five places to eat in Gothenburg. Even my friends from Stockholm have marveled over the vegan food available in Gothenburg, and that says quite something about the possibilities of eating out in this small city.

I really think you should hop on a plane during summer and visit the small, quaint city of Gothenburg. The city has an archipelago for sun bathing, islands to visit, local beer to try and of course there is the shopping if you are into Nordic fashion and interior design. Gothenburg is a perfect long weekend destination. Small enough to walk around in, but large enough to offer some variety of areas to visit and see.

Without no further ado, come with me as I take you with to my top five of favorite places to eat in Gothenburg at the moment.

Dubbel Dubbel – for a leisurely and intimate dinner

Dubbel Dubbel Gothenburg

This is a place to grab a table with your lover or close friends, to get a cosy table, order small dishes to share, and grab a locally produced beer. Keep an eye out on the menu for beers from Ocean brewery, they are local to the city.

The crystal jiaozi (Kristalljiaozi) on the menu are vegan, containing mushroom, tempeh and daikon radish. Dubbel Dubbel have several more small dishes that are vegan on their menu. They vary depending on season. I recommend: the miso tempeh with orange dressing, seaweed salad, tempeh and bean sprouts with szechuan pepper and jalapeno pickled cauliflower with crystal jiaozi dumplings on the side.

The service is friendly and the staff has thus far has offered solid knowledge on vegan food. Be sure to book a table in advance, this place is popular and quite small, even though they are located in two places in the city.

Dubbel Dubbel【Gothenburg/Göteborg】

address: Surbrunnsgatan 8, 411 19 Göteborg, Sweden; Kastellgatan 14, 413 07 Göteborg, Sverige
contact: +46 31 13 04 04; hej@dubbeldubbel.se
connect: Website + Facebook

Two Little Birds – for a proper Swedish fika

Two Little Birds Gothenburg

If you want a proper Swedish fika, often consisting of a freshly made sandwich filled to the brim or something sweet you have the option to get both at Two Little Birds on Andra Långgatan. They have plenty of vegan cakes and the menu also offers the same food throughout the menu, made vegan.

It’s a small quaint cafe with friendly staff. And a Swedish fika is a must, either around 10 or at 15 a clock in the afternoon. It’s part of the Swedish experience, so don’t miss that out!

They are working on a make-over on the menu at the moment. It will be all vegan. Yay!

Two Little Birds【Gothenburg/Göteborg】

address: Andra Långgatan 5, Göteborg, Sverige
contact: +46 31 12 12 60; info@twolittlebirds.se
connect: Website + Facebook

Rawfoodbaren – Get your health food fix

Rawfoodbaren Gothenburg

This is so far the only place in Gothenburg that serves raw food. It’s a really, really small place, and you are not able to book a table.

I recommend their pizza, it’s great, and comes with a classic pizza salad which is made from cabbage which is highly addictive. The menu changes with the season so if you are there in autumn or during winter, then I recommend their spiralized pumpkin noodles with sage pesto – divine!


address: Viktoriagatan 18, 411 25 Göteborg, Sverige
contact: +46 31 13 73 83; info@rawfoodbaren.se
connect: Website + Facebook

På Kanelen – Get your green juice

På Kanelen Gothenburg

You should pop into the small food market hall in the city center. When you picked up your delicatessen like almond stuffed olives, artichokes and other tidbits. Head on over to På Kanelen and order some freshly made juice. They also have an assortment of raw candies (I guess you can call them energy balls etc, but it’s candy for me!), if you are in the mood for something sweet.

I recommend their green juice called Karl-Alfred (that is Swedish for Popeye) with spinach, nettle, and fruits to make it sweet. Top up with extra nutritional powders if you like.

På Kanelen【Gothenburg/Göteborg】

address: Inside Saluhallen, Kungstorget, Gothenburg
contact: +46 31 13 13 69
connect: Facebook

Jonsborgsgrillen – Get your grubby junk food fix

Jonsborgsgrillen Gothenburg

Jonsborgsgrillen has a huge menu of vegan junk food. I usually go for the vegan cheeseburger with fries and top up on their vegan dips from their salad and condiment bar on the side.

Even if you order a take-away you get to build your burger from their condiment bar once they handed you the burger, and thus compose your own perfect burger. So you can add pretty much anything you desire.

They have very limited space available, so during summer, it’s perfect to order a take-away and pop up to the nearby park area and eat in the sun.


address: Kungsportsavenyen 39 411 36 Göteborg, Sverige
contact: +46 31 16 17 59; vegankorven@hotmail.com
connect: Website + Facebook + Twitter

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Elegantly Vegan

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Have you ever been to Gothenburg or Sweden before? What’s your favorite Swedish dish?

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