Loving Hut Valencia

12th September 2013

Loving Hut is an international franchise of vegan restaurants originating from my home country of Taiwan. This was my first time to try Loving Hut, and that’s a bit funny since we’ve seen them in a number of cities we’ve visited. During most of our travels though we have overlooked them in favor of the more local vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants, it’s not that it hasn’t looked appealing, it just that we don’t often travel outside of Asia to eat out at Asian restaurants.

Valencia, Spain, Day 4

Valencia, Spain, Day 4

However, as is the case with most Loving Hut restaurants, Loving Hut Valencia has a selection of both local and Asian dishes. Some Loving Hut locations offer a buffet and this is perhaps what prompted us to finally try Loving Hut. The Loving Hut Valencia buffet is reasonably priced at €9.50 per person including a beverage. You can refill your plate as often as you like. As of September 13, 2013, on weekends and holidays, the buffet is priced at €10.50 per person including a drink.

Valencia, Spain, Day 4

Valencia, Spain, Day 4

Valencia, Spain, Day 4


My massive buffet dish (clockwise): sushi, croquettes with aioli sauce, creamy Asian potato salad, vegan burger (a quarter of it), tortilla de patatas (Spanish omelet), vegetable pizza (with a bit of hummus), wheat empanadilla, and the rest are Asian cuisine consisting of soy meat (one of them is Seitan Al Puerro, meaning Seitan with Leeks), eggplants, fried rice, mini fried spring rolls and vegetable fritters, and salty tofu. My favorite part of the dish is the tortilla de patatas (Spanish omelet), which is the most unique and of course the creamy Asian potato salad. I didn’t like the sushi (bland) nor the hummus (watery). I recommend any of the local Spanish dishes, the burger, the potato salad and any of the Asian cuisine with soy meat, tofu or vegetables.


Doni’s very clean buffet dish (clockwise): sushi, wheat empanadilla, vegetable fritter, cole slaw, creamy Asian potato salad, vegan soy teriyaki “beef”, fried brown rice, tortilla de patatas (Spanish omelet) and lastly the fried doughy sesame ball and the croquettes. Doni had a piece of burger from the plate (too late to photograph), and it was pretty good. He also liked the creamy potato salad, the saucy Asian soy meat, and the tortilla de patatas.


Loving Hut Valencia: Salad bar including the creamy Asian potato salad and desserts


Loving Hut Valencia: The vegan burgers were pretty good, but the vegetable pizza was average. You will see condiments in the background. Among the best condiments was the Aioli, but the Hummus was disappointingly watery.


Loving Hut Valencia: Wheat empanadillas with french fries, doughy sesame balls, croquettes with aioli (I love the sauce), and the last dishes are mostly Asian stir-fried or saucy soy meat dishes.


Loving Hut Valencia: A close-up of the Asian dishes. The bottom right was a popular dish: soy “teriyaki” meat.


Loving Hut Valencia: A must to try while you are in Valencia, Spain: tortilla de patatas (Spanish omelet). I would love to make this back home in Oregon!


Loving Hut Valencia: Croquettes with aioli sauce – they are average. Reminds me of fried Asian taro balls (or known as Wu Gok).


Loving Hut Valencia: Wheat empanadillas – the fillings contain sautéed vegetables in tomato sauce (reminds me of pizza), slightly soggy on the bottom, and of course, french fries are hard to resist. I prefer the nicer empanadillas at the other place I’ve mentioned.


Loving Hut Valencia: A variety of vegan desserts to choose from: flan, water chestnuts, chocolate truffle, green agar and some vegan cake I couldn’t identify.


Loving Hut Valencia: The interiors, it was pretty bright near the entrance, but dark in the back.


Loving Hut Valencia: Another close-up of one of our dishes (starting with the front), you will see sushi (quite bland, too sweet), croquette with aioli & herbs, and on top of the sushi is also our favorite Asian dish, Seitan Al Puerro (Seitan with Leeks). The right side shows a vegetable fritter and other Asian dishes.


Loving Hut Valencia: Gazpacho is pretty delicious with raw tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado and onions. The raw vegetables are from the salad bar section.


Loving Hut Valencia: We had these vegan desserts: flan and the vegan cake I couldn’t identify. We like the flan. The vegan cake did not have much flavors.


Loving Hut Valencia

address: Calle del Conde de Altea, 44 46005 Valencia ‎, España
contact: Tele: +34-963744361
connect: facebookfacebooktwitter
hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm, 8:30 pm – Midnight (Dinner), Closed Mondays & Holidays (as of 2013, they closed from Aug 12 – Sept 9)

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Have you ever been to Loving Hut before and what is your favorite dish? If you haven’t been to Loving Hut, have you ever been to buffets?

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