Indefinite Adventure: Five Vegan Eats in Berlin

23rd February 2015

Sam and his husband Zab are from London, living in Berlin with an insatiable wanderlust. Together they run the vegan travel blog, Indefinite Adventure. This couple with mutual interests to ours discovered Vegan Miam through another vegan travel blog. Sam contacted me expressing a desire to share vegan eats in Berlin.

I had to say yes since Berlin was a city we felt so at home in when we spent a month there in 2009. Even then it was an impressively vegan friendly city, but in those 6 years since we were there new vegan eats have popped up across Berlin. The city is by far one of our favorite vegan foodie destinations, most memorable were our trips to the hearty vegan döner kebab shop – Vöner. But it’s 2015 now and it’s time for an updated look at vegan eats in Berlin!

Sam & Zab have been exploring vegan food in Berlin all year and included posts on digital nomad-friendly vegan cafes, vegan brunch, vegan pizza and gourmet vegan food. Sam & Zab are your vegan foodie guides for Berlin! Check out their five vegan eats for first-timers in Berlin – from gourmet vegan meals to casual vegan bites!

Vegan Eats Berlin Germany

Berlin is well known for being the vegan capital of Europe.

You can barely walk two blocks in the German capital before stumbling across a place that offers a vegan brunch, vegan cake or some kind of vegan main meal. It’s the kind of city where you can walk into pretty much any cafe and assume that they have soy milk without really having to ask first.

The city has every kind of vegan food you could possibly want: high end gourmet to falafel, Indian to currywurst, Ethiopian to pizza.

But with so many possibilities of places to eat, where to start? Here are five excellent and varied places to try on a first visit to Berlin, though there are many, many more waiting for you once you delve in and explore this fascinating city deeper.




Freckles is an all vegan café in the super trendy Bergmankiez neighbourhood in Kreuzberg. Tucked away on a slightly quieter side street, it’s a great place to escape the crowds briefly, and with no Wi-Fi, the perfect place to enjoy a reasonably priced screen free vegan lunch and catch up with friends.

Freckles Berlin

They serve a small range of main meals, such as soups, quiche and salad, but it’s the cakes that you really want to come for. It’s also probably the place in Berlin where I had my best dirty chai (chai latte with a shot of espresso) which despite not being a coffee drinker, is my new favourite thing. The Sachertorte is also excellent.

Freckles Berlin Vegan Food

Freckles (from top to bottom): Vegan quiche with salad; Vegan sachertorte (German chocolate cake, or torte)


address: Nostitzstrasse 33, 10965, Kreuzberg, Berlin


Cafe Vux


Vux is a Portuguese inspired vegan café, serving a good range of fresh juices and smoothies, hot drinks, gorgeous creamy cakes as well as a few savoury items such as bagels.

Cafe Vux Berlin

On Sundays, they serve what might be my favourite vegan brunch buffet in Berlin with a wide selection of interesting homemade salads, spreads, fruit, brownies and freshly baked bread.

Cafe Vux Berlin Vegan Food

They also don’t have Wi-Fi, so don’t come with your laptop expecting to get work done; you’ll have to look elsewhere for that.

Cafe Vux【Berlin】

address: Wipperstrasse 14, 12055, Neukölln, Berlin
connect: Website + Facebook


Let It Be


Specialising in vegan burgers and crepes (both sweet and savoury) Let It Be is a small 100% vegan joint openly only in the afternoons and evening.

Let It Be Burger & Bar Berlin

Everything on their menu is humorously named after a famous person from Moby to Mike Tyson and Eryka Bady to Chrissie Hynde. They use whole wheat flour for the crepes, but can also make them gluten free for an extra €1.

Let It Be Vegan Food

Let It Be (from top to bottom): The Daryl Hannah crepe; Vegan peanut sprinkle cake

They have a small selection of cakes too, and the portions are generous and easily shared between two.

Let It Be【Berlin】

address: Treptowerstrasse 90, 12059, Neukölln, Berlin


Mos Eisley


Situated in the heart of über trendy Schillerkiez, Mos Eisley is the place to come for vegan ice-cream that isn’t just limited to water based sorbets.

Mos Eisley Berlin Vegan

Mos Eisley (from left to right): Vegan peanut chocolate chip; Vegan mango sorbet

Not all the flavours are vegan, but those that are (about a third of them) are clearly marked as such. Flavours change regularly, but if they have it, I absolutely recommend the peanut chocolate chip. You can also get your scoop topped with coconut whipped cream if you’re feeling especially decadent!

Mos Eisley【Berlin】

address: Herrfurthplatz 6, 12049, Neukölln, Berlin
connect: Website + Facebook


La Mano Verde


For the pinnacle of vegan dining in Berlin, head to La Mano Verde. This French owned restaurant, which was in fact the German capital’s first ever fully vegan restaurant serves an exquisite combination of raw and cooked food. Additionally, everything is organic and fairly sourced.

Mano Verde Berlin Raw Kimchi Tower

La Mano Verde: Raw Kimchi Tower

Of course, this comes at a price, so a meal here certainly isn’t cheap, but the quality, care and service shines through at every stage of the meal.

Mano Verde Vegan Dessert Platter

La Mano Verde: Vegan Dessert Platter

Unlike most vegan places in Berlin, the owner of La Mano Verde is interested in offering vegan food for health reasons, rather than purely to provide cruelty free food, so great pains are taken to ensure that all the ingredients used are of the highest quality.

La Mano Verde【Berlin】

address: Kempinski Plaza, Uhlandstrasse 181-183, 10623, Berlin, Charlottenburg
contact: +49 30 889 22228;
connect: Facebook

Tempelhofer Feld Berlin

Berlin Tempelhofer Feld: The former city centre airport at Tempelhof in Berlin was turned into an outdoor recreational space in 2008 where people come to run, cycle, skate, fly kites, have picnics and watch the sunset…as we did the other day. Such a unique place!

The Memorial to the Murder Jews Berlin

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Mitte

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