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12th March 2015

This week we welcome the lovely Jojo from Vegan In Brighton. Her compassionate vegan lifestyle, food and travel blog is based in the vibrant South Coast city of Brighton (UK) when she’s not out traveling the world. She has lived in Brighton for 12 years and been a vegan for 9 of those years. Jojo and her partner are currently savoring an 8 week trip in Thailand and Laos.

Brighton is among the cities we have yet to visit in Britain but hope to see someday soon. Jojo will be sharing her five favorite eats in Brighton, one of the more colorful and creative cities in England and a nice short (1-hour train) hop from London.

I’m excited to have her here with us since Vegan In Brighton was one of the first blogs I followed when we started Vegan Miam.

You can catch Jojo at Vida Vegan Con May 29th – 31st in Austin, Tx where she’ll be talking about vegan travel.

Vegan Eats Brighton

Despite having left Brighton in mid January to travel the world, it was my home for 12 years (and 9 of those years were vegan years) so I consider myself to be something of an expert in the city’s vegan cuisine. Despite being a small city Brighton is regarded as one of the most vegan friendly in the UK. I think that this is partly because there are so many places to grab a bite to eat within walking distance of each other and Brighton’s other attractions. Whether you’re in the market for relaxing and unwinding in the bustling daytime cafe scene or dining out somewhere more upscale, there’ll be something for you in this seaside city.

Terre à Terre

Brighton, UK

Terre a Terre Brighton

Image by Terre à Terre

Terre à Terre‘s upscale but casual atmosphere makes it a great place to celebrate and they’re always at the forefront of my mind when a special occasion pops onto the horizon. Birthdays, anniversaries, friends visiting from out of town? You’ll find me at Terre à Terre! This all veggie spot is often on lists of the best restaurants in the UK and it’s one place where I always struggle to make ordering decisions.

Terre à Terre Brighton

Should I have the amazing sounding Oyster Orzotto made with mushrooms and artichokes or the classic Rosti Revisited? Who knows, but I’ll happily sip a cocktail whilst I think about it. The Terre à Tapas plate, made up from a selection of miniature dishes from around the menu, is a wonderful introduction to the menu and I’d highly recommend starting there. Dessert wise you’re going to want to get the new and improved vegan Churrosimo plate which includes both sea salt caramel and chocolate dipping pots alongside an old favourite the vodka sozzled cherries. It’s seriously amazing.

Terre à Terre Vegan Afternoon Tea

If you’ve never tried a traditional afternoon tea Terre à Terre’s version will make your eyes swivel back in your head because it is just so delicious. Consisting of three delightful tiers, savoury, sweet and scone, the vegan Terre à Tea is the perfect introduction to this British institution.

Terre à Terre【Brighton】

address: 71 East Street, Brighton, BN1 1HQ
contact: 01273 729051;
connect: Website + Facebook


Brighton, UK

V Bites Brighton 3Bites Plate

VBites is the restaurant owned and operated by the people behind VBites food (formerly known as Redwood Foods, makers of Cheezly vegan cheese) and it’s my go-to when I need a junk food fix. Their Hickory Chick burger is spot on and I got incredibly excited when they added one of their specials, the 3Bites Plate, to their regular menu. It consists of the aforementioned Hickory Chick burger as well as a Fishless Fish Steak burger with tartar sauce and capers and a VBeefy burger with the fixin’s. Plus fries! Perfection.

V Bites Brighton Fish & Chips

Their Fish & Chips are also a must if you’re visiting Brighton and want to try a veganised version of a traditional British classic, the excellent fish steaks are served with chunky chips, minted peas and tartar sauce.


address: 14 East Street, Brighton, BN1 4HP
contact: 01273 747371;
connect: Website + Facebook


Brighton, UK

Namul Mushroom Vegetarian Bowl

As soon as Bibimbap cafe Namul appeared on Brighton’s food scene I was there in a flash. Located in the centre of the North Laine area on Gardner Street their healthy Korean bowls make my day every time I order one. The Mushroom Special is my usual order and I love that you can choose between white, brown and black rice. It comes with seven kinds of mushroom (I counted!) and is topped with plenty of fresh crunchy veggies. I always choose to throw the Namul’s Soy Sauce over everything because it compliments the bowl perfectly and I’m a creature of habit. This is a total comfort food meal for me so I don’t often mix it up but I am also a big fan of their rice power balls which are essentially giant onigiri – yum town!


address: 49 Gardner Street , Brighton, BN1 1UN
contact: 01273 973878;
connect: Facebook

Boho Gelato

Brighton, UK

Boho Gelato Brighton

I liked Boho Gelato from the moment their well informed staff were able to tell me that the cones were definitely vegan and then they went and created a vegan rice milk based Peanut Butter Sea Salt Caramel ice cream and I fell in love. My other favourite scoops include Pistachio Chocolate Swirl, Cookies and Cream, Hazelnut, Mojito, and Strawberry, Basil & Black Pepper which are all best enjoyed just across the road on the pebble covered beach – just watch out for seagulls swooping in on your delicious treat! Boho Gelato also hold a monthly cocktail night at Ten Green Bottles where they offer a range of dairy free cocktail options (Mojito Slush anyone?) and they always look into whether the alcohol they’re using is vegan friendly.

Boho Gelato【Brighton】

address: 6 Pool Valley, Brighton, BN1 1NJ
contact: 01273 727205;
connect: Website + Facebook

Infinity Foods Kitchen

Brighton, UK

Infinity Foods Kitchen Brighton

Infinity Foods Kitchen is the newly refurnished and rebranded Infinity Foods Cafe and I love that they’ve smartened up and revamped the menu without losing any of the things I loved about the old place. Infinity Foods Kitchen is a veggie spot where I often ended up at weekends lingering over delicious breakfasts with friends.

Infinity Foods Kitchen Brighton Vegan

My favourite dish is the pancakes which are crepe-like and can be served with fruit, maple syrup, berry coulis or all of the above. It’s also a great place to try a Full English breakfast, they have the best vegan sausages in the city which are served up alongside sourdough toast, veggie bacon, polenta, spinach, tofu scram, mushrooms and tomatoes. The cakes at Infinity Foods Kitchen cakes are all vegan and I really enjoy their Raw Chocolate and Almond Cake and the Magic Balls which are the perfect on-the-go pick me up.

Infinity Foods Kitchen【Brighton】

address: 50 Gardner Street, Brighton, BN1 1UN
contact: 01273 670743;
connect: Website + Facebook

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Jojo’s vegan travel, food and lifestyle blog Vegan in Brighton is home to stories and reviews of her favourite spots from both her hometown of Brighton and her travels. Jojo helps organise Vegan MoFo and is the official Travel Advice Columnist for Driftwood Magazine.

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