How did you guys get to travel so often?

Travel is our passion and to be able to continue doing it requires a bit of effort and plenty of flexibility. Doni keeps a firm eye on airfare deals, makes great use of their frequent flier miles and hotel loyalty points and also uses Airbnb to find long-term deals. They much prefer to be a traveler than a tourist, and being able to stay in apartments can not only save money but also provide a more local perspective.

Doni is available to consult with travelers to plan trips and find the best deals. Please contact us at if you are interested in a travel consultation.

What is the ONE “magic” ingredient you can’t help but to always use in your cooking?

Miso. If you asked Rika which one ingredient she absolutely needs, it would be a good sea salt, but the one ‘magic’ ingredient for her is Miso. It delivers that umami flavor that provides an added depth and complexity.

When and why did you guys become interested in vegan cooking?

I really only got interested in vegan cooking in the last 2 or so years and it was the travel that propelled me to cook more.

In late 2011, I initially started my blog to share our experiences as vegan travelers but quickly found that our experiences abroad motivated us to craft dishes inspired by our travels.

There is nothing more rewarding than bringing food back, both figuratively and literally, from our travels.

While traveling, we love to craft local dishes using locally sourced ingredients but we also enjoy bringing concepts and dishes back from our travels to veganize at home.

You guys travel a lot, so far which has been your favorite food destination?

Thailand is our favorite food destination. Cheap, tasty, culturally aware and open to vegetarian and vegan diets and the food is often made to order so even non-vegan restaurants are able to accommodate.

What is your photography gear like?

Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM
Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L USM
Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L USM
Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM
Gitzo GT2542T Traveler Tripod
Acme Made Photography Bag (Vegan)

May I post vegan miam recipe & photos on my Web site?

Please understand that it takes hours to post, edit photos and create content for a blog.

It’s okay to post an image from Vegan Miam with logo and direct link to the original post and/or recipe (directing your readers to the original recipe on  Altering an image is an unacceptable practice of reproduction or use, e.g. removing the logo/watermark.  If you would like to reproduce anything more than an image, contact Rika at

Recipes that belong to Vegan Miam or the cookbook author cannot be duplicated on social networks or any other pages unless with a written permission by Vegan Miam, the cookbook author and/or the cookbook’s Publisher.

If you edited the recipe to make it your own, that is perfectly fine, but please include the credit to Vegan Miam (

What is your favorite vegan and/or vegan-friendly restaurant around the world?

1. Addis in Cape in Cape Town, South Africa

1. NAHM in Bangkok, Thailand
2. Gokul Vegetarian, in Singapore

1. Max Pett in Munich, Germany
2. Napfényes Étterem in Budapest, Hungary

1. Hectors Restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand
2. Flying Fish in Nadi, Fiji

The Americas
1. Naturalmente Restaurante Vegetariano in Bogota, Colombia
2. Departure Restaurant & Lounge in Portland, Oregon, USA
3. Vedge in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA