Veronica Stenberg: Cucumber Seaweed Salad with Steamed Vegetables

25th September 2012

Please welcome this fabulous friend of mine, Veronica from Sweden, who will be hosting a 5-day series on Vegan Miam, from Sept 25 to 29. Be sure to check out her post each day! X

Veronica’s Cucumber Seaweed Salad with Steamed Vegetables

I’ve had such an amazing summer! I’ve been traveling in Europe and enjoying good food and good cocktails. So if you had a summer like me, truly taking the opportunity to indulge and enjoy yourself – you might also want to treat your body to some lighter food. My 5-day guest blogging session will be on a much healthier note this time. Sharing some of my satisfying, delicious and yet healthy recipes.

• 1 portion of mixed vegetables to steam – for this dish I used sweet-potatoes and broccoli
• Spinach
• A quarter of a cucumber
• A small tomato
• Your favourite sea weed – I always use wakame – the ratio should be a quarter cucumber – and the rest seaweed in your salad (you will be making the cucumber and seaweed separately)
• Fresh lemon juice

• Dried or fresh coriander – use about 1tbs of dried coriander, I do recommend fresh though if you can get your hands on some!
• ½ dl fresh lemon juice
• Wasabi powder or paste – as much as you can handle or enjoy 😉
• A dash or olive oil (can also be omitted) and dilute the lemon juice with water instead

1. Soak your seaweed
2. Chop and steam your vegetables
3. Layer a plate with spinach leaves
4. Cut your cucumber into small cubes
5. Drain your seaweed and make sure to press extra water out of it if necessary
6. Mix the cucumber and the seaweed – the ratio should be a quarter cucumber and the rest seaweed – in a bowl.
7. Mix the seaweed salad with 0,5 tbs of lemon juice
8. When your steamed veggies are ready, layer them on the plat, on top of the spinach
9. Add the cucumber and seaweed salad on the top
10. Slice your tomato and add on top of the seaweed
11. Top the salad with the dressing

1. Add the lemon juice to a bowl
2. Mix with wasabi and coriander
3. Add oil or dilute the lemon with water

TIP: If you don’t have Wasabi at home you can also do this with mustard.

Don’t forget to create little treats for yourself. When eating a lighter diet, you can still indulge in my ice cream, for example!

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