Veronica Stenberg: I’m Feeling Just Peachy Juice

27th September 2012

Please welcome this fabulous friend of mine, Veronica from Sweden, who will be hosting a 5-day series on Vegan Miam, from Sept 25 to 29. Be sure to check out her post each day! X

Veronica Stenberg: I’m Feeling Just Peachy Juice

This is a great cleansing juice, that tastes so good, you don’t even know you just put so much cleansing goodness into you. I always make a big jug of this juice. I love it!

Peachy Juice

• ¼ of a water melon
• 6 peaches
• 4 green apples
• 1 cm of ginger root (or more if you like!)

1. Juice everything
2. Serve in a beautiful glass and enjoy

Peachy Juice

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Elegantly Vegan

Veronica is the vegan foodie, recipe developer and cookbook author behind Elegantly Vegan (available in AppStore worldwide). She gathers her inspiration from all over the world and remakes classic dishes as well as developing new interesting recipes purely made from plant-based ingredients. She blogs on Elegantly Vegan and writes for other magazines focusing on vegan lifestyle.

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