At Vegan Miam we enjoy vegan food and travel, and especially love combining the two and sharing these experiences with our readers. When we’re not traveling we’re developing recipes, photographing food, assisting with cookbook development, testing new and unique products and generally just spending our time in the kitchen around food. It’s fair to say that we love what we do and we take passion in vegan food and travel. We enjoy hearing from companies and like-minded individuals with a similar messages to ours and we’re always eager to tap into new markets and expand our brand through collaborations and partnerships. We aren’t simply looking to cozy up with just anyone though, we like to associate with brands that we personally enjoy so that we may continue to share our passion with our readers.

Rates and media kit can be provided upon request. Please contact us to discuss your campaign in detail at If you have other ideas you’d like to pitch to Vegan Miam, feel free to send your ideas! We are open to creative suggestions, we love building relationship with other food and travel lovers of the world.

Giveaways and Product Reviews

Sharing reviews of new and interesting vegan products is part of what we do at Vegan Miam. We are always open to your requests for product reviews, but keep in mind that our travel schedule limits the number of products we are able to receive and review each year. We personally read all of our emails and do our best to respond to these inquiries but due to the high volume of inquiries we receive we have to be selective about the products we choose to review. If you have something that you think we might like, let us know and we will be sure to take a look. If we see something that we think our readers will enjoy, you’ll be hearing from us! All product reviews on Vegan Miam are our own opinions.

All giveaways will be heavily promoted through our social media networks.

Recipe Development

When we aren’t traveling we’re spending an immense amount of time in the kitchen. We’ve worked with a number of different cookbook authors, bloggers and product lines to help develop recipes and always enjoy being involved in the process. Are you looking for someone to help expand your brand with a new recipe? Or are you a chef, author or blogger seeking to advance, develop or test your recipe? We’re available to work with you on recipe development. We primarily focus on international cuisines and have extensive experience with Asian cuisines.

If you are interested in working with us, contact us with your project proposal.

Travel Reviews

We love to travel, and what’s more we love to share our travel experiences with our readers. Though our blog is primarily about food, we have extensive experience with airlines, hotels and travel operators. In a typical year we spend 3-6 months out of country and log in excess of 100,000 miles in airline travel. We are uniquely placed in the market to help promote brands that offer personalized services to their guests and seek to treat their customers as individuals. We are available for hotel, airline, tour and other travel related reviews.

Food Photography and Food Styling

In addition to vegan food and travel, we also have a passion for photography. We have licensed our photos for use internationally and devote almost as much time to styling our food as we do crafting it in the kitchen. We are available for food photography and food styling sessions independent from Vegan Miam and our works on Vegan Miam are also available for license. We are always eager to share our work with media outlets and are available to work with companies, publications, websites and cookbooks.

Advertise on Vegan Miam

Various advertising sizes, options and pricing are available on Vegan Miam upon request. Vegan Miam specializes in vegan food, travel, kitchen and lifestyle interests. If you have a business, product or service that may be of interest to our readers please contact us for more information and rate quotes.

We do not offer any form of text link advertising or link exchanges. Thank you for respecting our policy and please reserve from contacting us with any inquiries pertaining to this form of advertising.