Vegan Taiwanese Congee with Sweet Potato

28th November 2015

Congee is a rice porridge dish common throughout Asia. While it is not uniquely Taiwanese, slight regional variations set one version apart from the next. Our Vegan Taiwanese Congee with Sweet Potato is a frugal, comforting and nourishing dish. It is often enjoyed at breakfast but can be equally as satisfying anytime of day when you want a hearty, warm bowl of porridge with the condiments and garnishes of your choice.

Vegan Taiwanese Congee with Sweet Potato

Congee is a simple dish that requires minimal effort and expense. Slight regional variations throughout Asia will see different rices being used, even barley and other grains may be used in place of short grain rice. Toppings will vary vastly from one country to the next, but there are really no limitations to what one can use or add to this rice porridge. While water is often used as the base, the dish can also be started with the broth of your choice. One must be cautious while traveling throughout Asia since it is not uncommon for chicken or other meat broths to be used to provide additional flavor.

Vegan Taiwanese Congee with Sweet Potato

How you cook your rice, and the type of rice used, will affect the final product. With more starch, short grain rice produces a slightly thicker porridge consistency. Using a long grain rice, like jasmine, will result in a slightly more watery congee. Cooking the rice longer breaks the grains down more, while cooking it less will result in plump and intact soft grains of rice. The ingredients you choose and the consistency you desire are all a matter of preference, with no one way being right or wrong.

Making Vegan Taiwanese Congee

Traditional Taiwanese versions use short grain rice, with a thicker porridge like consistency. Root vegetables like sweet potato or taro are added to produce a more nourishing meal, often intended to get one through the morning. It’s simple food, dressed up with the flavor profiles of your choosing when you add your favorite condiments and garnishes. Find out more about our Vegan Taiwanese Congee with Sweet Potato and the condiments used in our upcoming November newsletter.

Ingredients for Vegan Taiwanese Congee - Sweet Potato, Salt, Short Grain Rice, Ginger

Sliced fresh ginger root

Vegan Taiwanese Congee with Sweet Potato

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Vegan Taiwanese Congee with Sweet Potato and Condiments

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