Chimichurri Quinoa Salad

2nd July 2013

Tamasin Noyes’ cookbook Grills Gone Vegan makes fabulous Red-Hot Chimichurri Sauce. The sauce is a personal favorite of ours and we used it every other week for a variety of healthy dishes using quinoa, freekeh, or grilled summer vegetables. We used Tamasin’s Red-Hot Chimichurri Sauce to make a flavored quinoa salad. The chimichurri smells wonderful with a medley of smoked and red peppery flavors. For us, it is a perfect Latin-American “hot sauce” or the “Sriracha.”

Tamasin added a small “Cook Smart” note on her recipe for the Grilled Tofu with Red-Hot Chimichurri Sauce: If serving the tofu with a cooked grain, such as rice or quinoa, stir 2 tablespoons of chimichurri sauce into the cooking water to subtly flavor the grain. Her “Cook Smart” note was genius and we started relying on the Red-Hot Chimichurri Sauce in a variety of grains and as condiment.


You can use any kinds such as freekah, cous cous, pasta or rice with the Red-Hot Chimichurri Sauce. It doesn’t necessarily have to be quinoa as long as few tablespoons of the sauce are added prior to cooking. Quinoa is our personal favorite.

Chimichurri Quinoa Salad

2 servings


3 servings
1¼ cup quinoa
Olive oil
2 cups vegetarian broth (Edward & Sons Not-Chick'n Bouillon )
2 tablespoons fresh cilantro leaves, finely chopped


Heat a drizzle of olive oil in the pot (comes with a lid) over medium-high heat. Add the quinoa, cook, stirring for about 1 minute. Add the chimichurri and stir. Add the broth and bring to a rolling boil. Cover lid, lower the heat cook covered for at least 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, turn off the heat, and remove immediately. Let it cool down for 5 minutes before removing the lid. Fluff the quinoa gently with a fork and serve.


"Red-Hot Chimichurri Sauce' Recipe reprinted by permission from 'Grills Gone Vegan' by Tamasin Noyes. Published by Book Publishing Company (March 15, 2013).

For a spicier version, add extra 1-1½ tablespoons.

Keeping:: Leave it in the fridge (covered) for a few hours as a cold quinoa salad and they are great as leftovers.



Disclosure: The book was kindly provided to us for review. All reviews are our own personal opinions, we have not been compensated to provide any feedback positive or otherwise.

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