Curry Japonés de Verduras (Vegano) – Vegan Japanese Curry

25th October 2013

I am feeling incredibly lazy tonight and it seems necessary to name one of my favorite dishes in Spanish. There’s nothing especially Latin about it, except for the fact that it is my Asian comfort food in Argentina. I prefer making my own Japanese Curry (aka Kare Raisu) from scratch instead of using the prepared curry. It is pretty easy to make a vegan Japanese curry with three core vegetables: onions, potatoes and carrots. You can also add tofu, squash or pumpkin, too for a bit of variety. Heck, add breaded “seitan” or milanesa de soja, a breaded soy cutlet dish in Latin America to make it a Katsu-karē. Katsu-karē is also a traditional Japanese breaded deep-fried “meat” cutlet with curry sauce.

Note (as of May 2016): Please go to the most recent, and improved Vegan Japanese Curry recipe here. If you prefer to use the recipe you’ve tried in this post, shoot me an e-mail at

Instead of “soy cutlet”, we used fried salty tofu slices with black sesame seeds. It’s nice to have texture in your curry rice dish.

We used frozen milanesa de soja (breaded soy schnitzel) found in Latin American countries. In Argentina, milanesas are commonly served with fried or mashed potatoes, topped with a fried egg or eaten cold as a sandwich filling. We had milanesas with mashed potatoes for dinner once, and it was terrible except for the potatoes. It needed something saucy because it is a very thin “cutlet” with not a lot of flavors and a bit dry. The milanesa de soja worked pretty well with the Japanese curry.

Mind the dish. This wasn’t the prettiest dish, it was the first time I made Japanese Curry abroad.

Buenos Aires

Yesterday we moved to a different flat near the Palermo neighborhood. Pretty cute place isn’t it? It’s a 3-floor house with two balconies and utilities/amenities are all included. I’ll include photos of the place next time.

Buenos Aires

Very quiet residential street, it’s very different than downtown Buenos Aires.

Have you ever had a Japanese or Asian curry? Do you have a favorite curry recipe?

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