Taiwanese Steamed Scallion Buns

18th July 2015

I’m often asked what I go back to Taiwan for. Well, I go for family and I go to eat. Taiwanese are never far from family and always seem to have an unending passion and appetite for their food. From the first thing in the morning at your local breakfast stand to the last waking hour at your local night market; Taiwanese culture revolves around small, delicious bites throughout the day.

These steamed buns, known as Mantou, are a favorite of mine in Taiwan. The soft, fluffy steamed buns are traditionally enjoyed throughout the morning with warm freshly made soy milk at your local curbside breakfast stand. Mantou can be prepared sweet or savory and can also be found in different shapes and sizes. Our recipe can easily be adapted with a bit of added technique and patience to make Hua Juan, a braided Mantou with scallions.

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Vegan Taiwanese steamed scallion buns or mantou

Bamboo steamer sets with vegan Taiwanese steamed scallion buns or mantou

Rika of Vegan Miam holding a bamboo steamer basket

Since most Taiwanese households do not have an oven, steamed breads like Mantou are very common in Taiwan. As long as you have a steamer, this recipe is very easy to prepare and the dough only requires six basic ingredients. Finish the Mantou with your scallion filling and you have a delicious savory snack that can be stored frozen and re-steamed anytime for a soft and fluffy Taiwanese treat.

I love the versatility of this dough because with a bit of creativity or necessity you can make any variety of sweet or savory Mantou or Bao. Over time I will share other variations of this same recipe – but to start with I have opted for one of the quickest, easiest and most reliable classics for this dough.

Vegan Taiwanese steamed scallion buns in bamboo steamer baskets

Close up shot of vegan Taiwanese steamed scallion buns

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