Mustapha’s Moroccan Harissa

11th August 2012

My partner Doni was familiar with harissa from his time in the south of France. It’s a common North African condiment that provides more flavour and heat with rich red colour in dishes such as couscous. For me, I think of it as an alternative to a Vegemite, but with an intense, not-instantaneous heat in the back of my throat. We found the gourmet harissa at a local store in Eugene, Oregon, by Mustapha’s Fine Foods of Morocco. I never had a harissa, so it was worth for me to try it!

Mustapha's Moroccan Harissa

Mustapha's Moroccan Harissa

★ PRODUCT NAME: Mustapha’s Moroccan Harissa
★ ABOUT: While Mustapha’s Fine Foods of Morocco carries only one harissa product, they also carry varieties of spices, olives, oils, and other gourmet products. It started with one importer named Mustapha from Morocco who came to America and worked at a Moroccan restaurant from being a prep cook to a waiter. Until then, he finally worked at one of Thierry Rautureau’s classic French restaurants, Rover’s. Mustapha has decided to bring Morocco back to America by bringing back spices and recreating these flavours from his childhood.

Mustapha maintains that it’s not just the freshness of the spices, but the very fact that they were grown in the rich soil of Morocco that makes them so flavorful(About Mustapha’s Moroccan).

★ INGREDIENTS: Made mainly from Moroccan hot red chiles, red bell pepper, olive oil, a touch of tomato, oil, salt and spices.

★ MY VERDICT: Mustapha’s Harissa is great on quinoa or couscous dishes, but it provides the savoury and spicy flavour to any freshly made local bread. The harissa is infused with Moroccan hot red chiles and spices. The flavours are more upfront with bit of a tartness while the massive, not-instantaneous heat came to the end of my throat. The colour is a fiery rich red colour. It is simply a beautiful condiment, and also a spread for anything else.

Mustapha's Moroccan Harissa


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