Kester Black Nail Polish Review

20th December 2014

When we travel I am constantly searching for new, small and different vegan lines to support locally like the Melbourne based Kester Black. This proudly Australian made and owned company has a strong presence throughout Australia and New Zealand and is committed to vegan, sustainable and environmentally friendly production methods.

Kester Black Nail Polish

I was provided two colors at random by the folks at Kester Black. The colors I received were the light purple ‘Violet’ and royal blue ‘Raspberry Blue’. Both colors are from Summer nail polish collections at Kester Black.


Launched in August 2012 by the talented and eco-concious Anna Ross, Kester Black is proudly Australian made and owned. The Melbourne based Kester Black is also committed to supporting local businesses, including frequent collaborations with local artists. They use sustainable production methods including recyclable materials and small batch manufacturing to minimize wastage. As a vegan brand, there are no ingredients derived from animals and none of their products or ingredients have been tested on animals either by their company; by anyone on their behalf or by any of their suppliers. All Kester Black products have CCF (Choose Cruelty Free) and Vegan Society accreditation. Their high shine, chip-resistant nail polish follows the ‘Five Free Formula” meaning it contains no Toulene, DBP, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin or Camphor.

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available in

A variety of colors of nail polish along with nail care products and triple-milled soaps that are free from palm oil, parabens, sulfates and petrochemicals.

where to purchase

All Kester Black products are available on Visit Kester Black for the most current list of stockists. Available extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand, Kester Black is also currently available exclusively in the US at Seed to Serum.

Kester Black Nail Polish

the verdict

Neither color was exactly high sheen or high gloss, they were somewhat glossy with a slight matte undertone. Both applied very opaque and thick. The brush was narrow but managed to pick up quite a bit of polish from the jar for application. You won’t need many strokes to apply this nail polish. One coat was nearly enough but for a fuller and more consistent color I applied a second coat.

Kester Black has a variety of lovely, warm and creative nail polishes. Walking through Fitzroy we continually noticed one of the hottest new colors from Kester Black – Acid, a neon yellow color that looks absolutely stunning. There are big things to come from this brand and I wholeheartedly support them. Along with creating funky, fresh and vegan nail polishes, Kester Black also has a stylishly minimalist and clean branding and packaging.


Kester Black Violet

Violet applied easier and smoother than Blue Raspberry. Two coats with a base coat were sufficient for a nice opaque finish. This color is similar to the Pantone Color of the Year 2014 Radiant Orchid and strikes me as a lovely, warm transitional Spring color. I like this color and think it will be versatile for a few seasons with a variety of items in my wardrobe.

Blue Raspberry

Kester Black Blue Raspberry

I had a bit of difficulty applying the second coat of Raspberry Blue compared to Violet. This color took longer to dry and the finish wasn’t as smooth as violet. I wasn’t certain about this color since it didn’t strike me as a summery sort of tone, but I like the versatility with a darker wardrobe. A fine color to pair with black and grey shades. Blue Raspberry appeared and applied darker in person than the images used on Kester Black.

Vegan Kester Black Nail Polish

Disclosure: I contacted Kester Black regarding product samples and they kindly provided these nail polishes for review. All reviews are our own personal opinions, we have not been compensated to provide feedback, positive or otherwise.

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