Kite Hill Vegan Cheese & Yogurt Review & Giveaway

24th January 2017

Adored by vegans and non-vegans alike, Kite Hill artisanal vegan almond milk based products are some of our favorites on the market today. Their vegan cheeses and yogurts are carefully crafted using traditional techniques with minimal ingredients to achieve a wonderfully smooth creaminess. Kite Hill generously provided us with samples and have kindly agreed to give away free Kite Hill products to one lucky Vegan Miam reader. See how we used our Kite Hill products and enter our giveaway for your chance to win 5 FREE Kite Hill products (US only).

Launched in 2013, Kite Hill was founded by a talented team of chefs, scientists and entrepreneurs that includes acclaimed vegan chef Tal Ronnen. Kite Hill products are all vegan, 100% soy free, certified non-GMO and most products are gluten-free (for more on their gluten-free status and additional information on allergens, visit their FAQ page). Kite Hill products are currently only available in the United States, but hopefully they will broaden their reach to additional markets soon!

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Kite Hill Artisanal Vegan Cheese and Yogurt Review

Kite Hill Vegan Yogurts

If you haven’t already tried Kite Hill vegan almond milk yogurts, then you’re truly missing out on something special. Kite Hill produces the creamiest, smoothest cultured vegan yogurts on par with the best vegan yogurts we’ve tried in Europe. The fruit and Vanilla flavors are nicely sweetened but the highlight of the range is the Plain Unsweetened variety. The versatility of the Plain Unsweetened makes it perfect for both sweet and savory recipes. We use the Kite Hill Plain Unsweetened yogurt in everything from curries to breads to sauces.

Kite Hill Artisanal New Yogurts

The new Pineapple and Key Lime flavors are both quite bright and tart; and also our favorite sweetened flavors in the range. The tropical Pineapple is filled with sweet little chunks of pineapple, while the particularly tart and creamy Key Lime is bound to excite and awaken your taste buds.

Kite Hill Artisanal Vegan Vanilla and Unsweetened Yogurt

Plain Unsweetened and Vanilla are also now available in larger, resealable, 16 oz containers. These larger containers are especially useful for all of us who enjoy cooking with Kite Hill vegan almond milk yogurts.

Kite Hill Cream Cheeses & Artisanal Vegan Cheeses

Vegan Deep Pizza with Kite Hill Ricotta

This Sicilian Pizza recipe from Serious Eats is a firm favorite of ours and best when veganized with Kite Hill Ricotta or Kite Hill Fresh Original cheese. If you would like to recreate our vegan version of this recipe, we recommend using Violife slices in place of mozzarella slices for the bottom layer of cheese and Kite Hill Ricotta for the top layer of cheese. Replace pepperoni with your favorite vegetables; we prefer mushrooms, capsicum and onion.

Vegan Deep Pizza with Kite Hill Ricotta

Vegan Deep Pizza with Kite Hill Ricotta

Vegan Frittata with Kite Hill Soft Free Original Cheese

The cookbook Cut The Sugar, You’re Sweet Enough has a superb vegan frittata recipe (also check out our cookbook review). Adding Kite Hill Soft Fresh Original cheese, as we did here, or Kite Hill Ricotta makes this dish even better though. These delicate and smooth vegan cheeses work beautifully in pastas and salads and make a great addition to your favorite frittata or quiche recipe. The subtle richness and slight saltiness of Kite Hill cheeses easily elevates a dish to another level.

Kite Hill Artisanal Vegan Almond Milk Cheese

Along with the soft cheeses, we were also provided with Kite Hill Cream Cheese Style Spreads. Available in both Plain and Chive, we simply slathered them on english muffins and bagels for breakfast. As with the other cheeses from Kite Hill, these cream cheese style spreads are smooth, creamy and mildly seasoned. Unlike the Ricotta and Soft Fresh Original cheese though, the cream cheeses have added thickeners and stabilizers to give them an accurate spreadable cream cheese consistency (they use a small amount of xanthan gum, locust bean gum, and guar gum). Rest assured, Kite Hill does not use any artificial stabilizers, preservatives, or carrageen in their products. We highly recommend Kite Hill’s cream cheese style spreads along with of the Kite Hill soft cheeses we sampled.

US Giveaway (1 Winner)

Enter our giveaway to win coupons for free Kite Hill products, compliments of the folks at Kite Hill. One winner will be randomly selected and receive 5 coupons for free Kite Hill products, redeemable at Whole Foods Markets in the United States. Giveaway is available to US entrants only.

Kite Hill Giveaway (US only)

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