Review: LVX Nail Lacquer – Spring 2013 Collection

13th May 2013


Have you tried their six colors from the LVX Spring 2013 collection yet? I fell in love with the vegan and cruelty-free nail lacquer brand LVX and their Winter Resort Collection 2013. LVX knows how to identify and wears these colors that compliment, creating a season for you, which will last throughout the year.


The brother-sister duo, Branka and Rade Tomic founded LVX Nail Lacquer, a luxury and vegan nail-lacquer line. Made in the U.S.A., their products are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, 5-free and free of toxic and harsh chemicals. LVX denotes ‘lux’ in Latin, meaning light, the essence of all color. LVX products are formulated without the use of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, toluene, and camphor. Their formula also does not contain guanine (fish scales), silk, keratin or carmine. Their long-lasting and chip resistant lacquers are heavily pigmented and many only require one coat with no top coat.

available in

As of May 2013, there are few seasonal collections: Summer 2012 (six colors), Fall-Winter 2012 (six colors), Winter Resort 2013 (six colors), Spring 2013 (six colors), and Summer 2013 (six colors). They also have 3 in 1 Treatment.

where to buy

All LVX colors and finishes are available on There are also online retailers such as Vegan Cuts & OpenSky, please view their stockists list.

my verdict

I received the Spring 2013 collection in only five out of six colors: Azalea, Cerulean, Citrine, Fantom and Indigio Bleu. The Viridian (emerald green color) was sold out in April, so I did not have the opportunity to review it. As always, I am fond of their sleek black and silver packaging designs. Prior to the release of the Spring 2013 Collection, I was expecting LVX to release a bright mix of Easter colors – hot pink flambe, olive green, neon yellow, lavender and turquoise. I am always for bright and quirky colors. Ultimately, the collection represents the transitional period from cold to warm. When I think of spring in Oregon, the weather is sometimes warm and cold.

My top three favorite shades are Citrine, Fantom and Cerulean. What’s yours?

All of them present a smooth finish-high shine. Most of them require 2-3 coats. All photos are taken by my partner, Doni.


LVX Nail Lacquer – Spring 2013 Collection
daring lilac + opaque crème, 15ml / .5oz


Azalea reminds me of a soft lavender color. It is also pinkish lilac. For fashion, this pairs well with white and cool blue tones.


LVX Nail Lacquer – Spring 2013 Collection
audacious + blue opaque crème, 15ml / .5oz


I think of the color as a neon blue. A random thought came across my mind: being a female robot with neon blue nails and white outfit and tall white boots. It is also looking very Mediterranean. You will need a base coat due to the high pigmentation.


LVX Nail Lacquer – Spring 2013 Collection
golden citrus + opaque crème, 15ml / .5oz


This is my top favorite one. One of my favorite colors is sun-kissed yellow, or the way LVX calls it a warm, goldened yellow. The color is very warm – it is not too bright nor dark. This is a perfect description from LVX, “Citrine is the perfect transitional bright. Its honey tone holds onto the feeling of cuddled winter nights while giving us an outlook for Spring.”


LVX Nail Lacquer – Spring 2013 Collection
timeless white + opaque crème, 15ml / .5oz

Creamfields was my favorite color from LVX Winter Resort 2013 Collection; the color was peachy-nude. And the Fantom appeared whiter than the Creamfields. I am obsessed with Fantom, they are modern and chic. They pair so well with my everyday wear, the usual minimalistic black. This is also a perfect backup and touchup for my French manicure including nail art.

Indigo Bleu

LVX Nail Lacquer – Spring 2013 Collection
new bleu + opaque crème, 15ml / .5oz


This is a very interesting color: dark purple and blue undertones. I see it as a mixture of the Aubergine from the Winter Resort 2013, and the Cerulean from the Spring 2013. The Indigo Bleu pairs very well with darker fashion, perhaps a sultry look and feel. It works well with short nails, too. You will need a base coat due to the high pigmentation.


This item(s) was kindly sent to me to review. All reviews are my own personal opinions, I have not been compensated to provide any feedback positive or otherwise. If I receive a product complimentary of the company, it will be stated so in the post, otherwise, all products are purchased myself for my own personal use.

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