LVX Nail Lacquer – Winter Resort Collection 2013

8th March 2013

Made in U.S.A., LVX Nail Lacquer is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, 5-free and free of toxic and harsh chemicals. LVX denotes ‘lux’ in Latin, meaning light, the essence of all color. LVX products are formulated without the use of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, toluene, and camphor. Their formula also does not contain guanine (fish scales), silk, keratin or carmine. Their long lasting and chip resistant lacquers are heavily pigmented and many only require one coat with no top coat.

All LVX colors and finishes are available on or via

I received Winter Resort Collection 2013 in six beautiful colors: Tribute, Luxe, Alchemy, Aubergine, Dark Matter and Creamfields. I am obsessed with these colors already.

LVX Nails Winter Resort

LVX Nail Lacquer – Winter Resort Collection 2013

LVX Nail Lacquer - Winter Resort Collection 2013

LVX Nail Lacquer – Winter Resort Collection 2013


“The luxury, fashion-forward nail polish line, LVX was founded by Branka and Rade Tomic. They wanted to create a deeply devoted nail polish line that brought customers the feeling of luxury and opulence while evoking personal style. The market lacked an eco-friendly and socially responsible brand that was focused around the top colors of the season. Their philosophy is shaped around analyzing the latest fashions and trends from renowned designers to determine the top shades that define each season. LVX is devoted to providing customers with top quality, socially responsible, and vegan-friendly, luxury products without compromising quality, durability and finish. ” (

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As of March 2013, there are few seasonal collections: Summer 2012 (six colors), Fall-Winter 2012 (six colors), Winter Resort 2013 (six colors), and Spring 2013 (six colors). They also have 3 in 1 Treatment.

where to buy

All LVX colors and finishes are available on

LVX Nail Lacquer – Winter Resort Collection 2013

LVX Nail Lacquer - Winter Resort Collection 2013
Packages of LVX Nail Lacquer – Winter Resort Collection 2013

my verdict

I received six colors from LVX Nail Lacquer – Winter Resort Collection 2013. I love all of these colors including their beautiful packaging.

All of them present a smooth finish-high shine. Most of the photos are taken by my partner Doni.


textured blue + metallic blue, 17ml / .57oz

Sorry for the messy coating. I was so excited to apply the LVX’s Tribute nail lacquer. It was a very smooth and easy application. The color is a very beautiful blue with vibrancy and metallic look. This is a very classy look. The nail lacquer is indeed heavily pigmented, but I applied two coats to make them look fuller. It is long lasting, it lasted me nearly a week after washing the dishes 1-2 times a day (in Bogota, there is no dishwasher nor a large sink to wash dishes in). After one week, I noticed there was a bit of chip at the tip of my nails, which is still pretty good, and can be easily fixed by touching them up.




brilliant silver + glittered metallic, 17ml / .57oz

This is a very beautiful silver nail lacquer by LVX. It provides a shimmering shine with a slight matte look on my nails. It goes well with my black and minimalistic daily wear. I applied two coatings because the first coating has a silver glittered metallic sheer. I had a bit of difficulty removing the Luxe nail lacquer off my nails due to the glitters, it required couple of nail polish removers to remove all the glitter residues.




luxurious gold + glittered metallic, 17ml / .57oz

The Alchemy’s texture is similiar to the Luxe as reviewed above. They both provide the beautiful glittered metallic look, but the Alchemy provides a soft summery golden shimmer. My nails looked very smooth and a bit matte looking with Alchemy. I applied two coatings for a stronger gold look. The first coating was a glittered gold metallic sheer. It also took me a while to remove the Alchemy nail lacquer off my nails due to the glitter residues.




mysterious purple + opaque creme, 17ml / .57oz

LVX has very unique names for certain nail polishes. I like the name, Aubergine, it is a very tasty one. The color Aubergine has a very smooth finish-high shine compared to the Alchemy and Luxe. It is not too dark nor bright, but just right for an ultra chic look. I never liked purple, but that color is very beautiful. Thanks LVX for allowing me to appreciate the mysterious purple more!




Dark Matter

saturated gray + opaque creme, 17ml / .57oz

I noticed that Dark Matter and Aubergine both share a similiar coating with a very smooth finish-high shine compared to the Luxe, Tribute and the Alchemy because they both are opaque cremes. Instead, the color is saturated gray or medium gray. Dark Matter is indeed this season’s new gray and a fabulous alternative to black. It is very easy to remove Dark Matter especially Aubergine with any nail polish remover.




peach neutral + delicate sheer, 17ml / .57oz

Creamfields reminds me of a pastel cotton candy or a flesh pastel skin. I had to apply about 2 coats so my nails would look fuller. The first coating was slightly sheer, where I could see my nails easily. I am already in love with this color because it goes well with any of my wardrobe. It is a very versatile nail lacquer color! You can also find me wearing Creamfields via Instagram.



Disclosure: Samples were kindly provided to us for review. All reviews are our own personal opinions, we have not been compensated to provide any feedback positive or otherwise.

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