Review: Vegan LVX Nail Lacquer Summer 2013 Collection

9th October 2013

Looking outside, it’s just a rainy Spring day here in Buenos Aires, but looking down at my nails, brightly accented with the LVX Modena from the Summer 2013 collection, and you can tell I am ready for it to be Summer again! As I close my eyes, I start to explore the picturesque countryside in Italy at the wheel of a Ferrari. During the summer (back in the U.S., not Argentina’s time), the lovely folks at the vegan nail lacquer line LVX sent me their Summer 2013 collection: Celeste, Chambord, Deco, Modena, Mynt and Rive for review.

LVX Summer 2013 Nail lacquer (Vegan)


The brother-sister duo, Branka and Rade Tomic founded LVX, a vegan nail-lacquer line. Made in the U.S.A., their products are vegan, cruelty-free, 5-free and free of toxic and harsh chemicals. LVX denotes ‘lux’ in Latin, meaning light, the essence of all color. LVX products are formulated without the use of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, toluene, and camphor. Their formula also does not contain guanine (fish scales), silk, keratin or carmine. Their long-lasting and chip resistant lacquers are heavily pigmented and many only require one coat with no top coat.

available in

Summer 2012 (six colors), Fall-Winter 2012 (six colors), Winter Resort 2013 (six colors), Spring 2013 (six colors), and Summer 2013 (six colors). They also have 3 in 1 Treatment.

where to purchase

All LVX products are available on They are also available at online retailers, Vegan Cuts & OpenSky. Visit their LVX website here to view additional stockists.

LVX Summer 2013 Nail Lacquer (Vegan)

the verdict

As always, I am fond of their sleek black and silver packaging designs. Prior to the release of the Summer 2013 Collection, I was expecting LVX to release a variety of bright and bold colors – golden yellow, sky blue, mint, lime, coral, and just red . Ultimately, I was half right: the Summer 2013 collection ended up as mint (Mynt), coral (Deco) and “just red” (Modena), except for Celeste (Illuminating Blue), Rive (Soft Tan) and Chambord (Deep Raspberry & Fuchsia). The names for all the nail lacquers sound quite European, yet romantic.

My top three favorite shades are Modena, Deco and Celeste. What’s yours?

All of them present a smooth finish-high shine. The nail lacquers last about 4-6 days or even longer as long as I don’t do anything in the kitchen, depending on tasks (i.e., I prep, cook and wash dishes in the kitchen daily). I recommend using a base coat for most LVX nail lacquers. All photos are taken by my partner Doni.


LVX Summer 2013 Nail Lacquer (Vegan)

This is one of my favorite summer shades – illuminated blue with white undertones. When I think of the term, “Celeste”, it is a color of clear sky in Italian or just heavenly blue. My nails look like they were touched by a sparkling sky. I used a clear base coat (LVX 3 in 1 Treatment) and applied 2 thin coats.


LVX Summer 2013 Nail Lacquer (Vegan)

Do you know that the term Chambord is a concentrated liqueur that is derived from the black raspberries? The Chambord shade exhibits a sultry ruby color, which is a lovely color, but it must be applied with a certain care especially with a clear base coat, since it’s a bit runny. I applied two coats.


LVX Summer 2013 Nail Lacquer (Vegan)

This is my one of my favorite summer shades – a refreshing vibrant coral color. Aren’t they pretty against the colorful buildings in Spain? Deco presents a soft, soothing color, and feminine touche! This doesn’t require a base coat, it didn’t leave a stain on my nails.


LVX Summer 2013 Nail Lacquer (Vegan)

This is my one of my favorite summer shades that I would wear all year long – just hot and fiery red – that sexy photo was taken by my partner, my hand acting as a model on a magazine 😉 haha! Modena is known for its vroomin’ classic red cars in Italia! Totally irresistible and seductive! I used a clear base coat (LVX 3 in 1 Treatment) and applied 2 thin coats.


LVX Summer 2013 Nail Lacquer (Vegan)

Mynt is one of my favorite summer shades, but it is something I wouldn’t wear often. I had other brands that has nearly the same color so the color isn’t new to me. The color is opaque and bright green creme color, but the color faded to a pastel green after couple of days. I used a base coat (LVX 3 in 1 Treatment) and applied 2 coats.


LVX Summer 2013 Nail Lacquer (Vegan)

Sorry for the blurry photo (maybe I will try to take a better one next time). Some nail shades aren’t just for everyone, but the Rive color nearly blends in with my skin tone (I was tanned in Spain). I prefer colors that contrast with my skin. However, being a neutral color, Rive color is a perfect bridal staple or natural yet on-trend look. The Rive nail lacquer feels thicker, you will probably need 1 coat.

LVX Summer 2013 Nail Lacquer (Vegan)

Have you tried LVX Nail Lacquer? Pick your favorite nail shade from LVX Summer 2013 collection. What do you think of their Summer 2013 shades?

Disclosure: Samples were kindly provided to us for review. All reviews are our own personal opinions, we have not been compensated to provide any feedback positive or otherwise.

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