Sedona Express Dehydrator Review & Giveaway

5th December 2015

We are anything but raw foodies. We certainly enjoy eating raw foods when we dine out and love bringing compact, satisfying and nutritious raw snacks with us when we travel. But we rarely put much thought into preparing raw foods at home. The disconnect for us has often been the sense that preparing raw foods is time consuming, expensive and admittedly a bit intimidating. So when we had the opportunity to receive and review a Sedona Express Dehydrator from Tribest, we were more than just a bit curious and eager to give it a try. Once we gave it a few test runs, we quickly realized that preparing raw foods at home becomes a lot more accessible, affordable and not the least bit intimidating or time consuming (you still have to be patient though) with the right equipment.

Tribest Sedona Express SDE-S6780-B Digital Food Dehydrator With Stainless Steel Trays

People rave about using dehydrators, and for many it may just change their life and the way they eat and prepare foods at home. We’ve noticed the benefits of eating more raw foods already, but it hasn’t converted us into raw foodies by any means. Fortunately, in addition to preparing raw foods, the Sedona Express can also be used for making aged nut cheeses, proofing doughs and even has the capacity to cook at temperatures up to 167°F/75°C. So regardless of your diet, lifestyle or experience in the kitchen, this is one useful and convenient appliance that will be right at home in any kitchen.

Thanks to the kind folks at Tribest, we’re hosting a giveaway for one US based Vegan Miam reader to win their very own Sedona Express Dehydrator.

Sedona Express Dehydrator with Silpat on Tray


Prior to receiving our Sedona Express we had never used a dehydrator before. Setting it up from the box was quick and simple. Just plug and use. The controls were easy to figure out and use throughout our tests. With the detachable power cable, it’s easy to move and store. The fact that it’s made from non-flammable and BPA-free plastic makes it very lightweight and easy to relocate. The manual is small and doesn’t provide the most details or an extensive list of recipes but is sufficient for answering the basic questions one may have about the unit.

Side of Sedona Express Dehydrator

This model of the Sedona Express comes with 11 stainless steel trays, 1 drip tray and an additional filter. The large capacity of 1,430 sq in and the easily removable trays make this an ample and versatile appliance suitable for a variety of uses. While some dehydrators use square trays, the trays in the Sedona Express are a rectangular 10”x13”. The corrugated stainless steel wire trays are dishwasher safe, ensuring they are easy to clean. The Sedona Express comes with just about everything you need, except non-stick liners or sheets for the trays. This is something that can easily be resolved with the use of silpats, unbleached parchment paper or a pack of non-stick dehydrator sheets.


All digital display from Sedona Express Dehydrator

The controls are well labeled, user-friendly and have shortcuts to increase temperatures and times by units of ten. The max cook time is 99 hours and the max temperature is 167°F/75°C. There are setting for RAW and FAST, allowing one to choose whether they want to restrict their cooking to temperatures below the threshold to retain essential enzymes or opt for the quicker and more convenient cook times.


There’s also another setting we have yet to try

The Tribest Sedona Express allows you to set the temperature and timer using its user-friendly all-digital controls; precision dehydration has never been so easy. Get all these features without sacrificing all the kitchen counter space. Two-Stage Sequential Temperature-Timer (TST) Feature Reduce dehydration time and get enzyme-rich foods with the Sedona’s TST feature. Sedona’s advanced digitally controlled TST feature allows you to kick-start the dehydration process by starting at a higher temperature (FAST mode) for the first few hours, then automatically switching to a lower temperature (RAW mode) to finish off the job. The TST feature ensures that the temperature of the food does not go above the desired level, and results in nutrition-packed dehydrated recipes every time.

Sedona Express Dehydrator with internal LED light

An internal LED illuminates when the door is open, making the unit easier to use while also alerting you when the door is not securely closed. In addition to the light turning on, when the door is open the fan will shut off. When the unit is securely closed and turned on, the fan will run. We have no comparisons to make since this is the first dehydrator we have used, but the unit runs fairly quietly. Using an infrared thermometer we measured the internal temperature at various times during dehydration. We were impressed to find that the temperatures were accurate. Even when measuring across multiple trays cooking simultaneously the temperatures remained consistent in the Sedona Express.

Central Fan seen at the back of Sedona Express Dehydrator

The fan makes a low hum comparable to that of a space heater or small extractor fan. Along with the low level noise, the fan will also undoubtedly pump out an aroma of whatever you are preparing in the dehydrator.

Sedona Express Dehydrator SDE-S6780

The Sedona Express comes with a 10 year warranty.

Raw Pizza with Butternut, Flax and Sunflower Crust

One of the first recipes we crafted using our Sedona Express Dehydrator was inspired by our travels to South Africa earlier this year. We had the pleasure of enjoying a few lovely raw meals in Cape Town. Among them was a raw pizza made on a butternut squash based crust. Butternut squash is everywhere in the markets in Cape Town, so using squash in the crust seemed especially practical. Since there’s squash abound in Oregon this time of year, we worked on developing our recipe for Raw Butternut, Flax and Sunflower Seed Pizza Crust using our new Sedona Express Dehydrator.

Raw Vegan Pizza with Butternut, Flax and Sunflower Crust

We will be sharing the recipe for this raw crust along with the rest of the ingredients for this rich, hearty, delicious, yet fresh and clean raw pizza later this week. Also during the run of this giveaway we will be sharing more recipes made with the Sedona Express Dehydrator.

US Giveaway: Sedona Express Dehydrator

Enter for your chance to win the perfect Christmas present for yourself or someone special in your life. The winner will be announced on Boxing Day, December 26th, 2015.

Use the Gleam widget below to enter for a chance to win. You can come back everyday for a bonus entry and re-share a tweet. If no widget appears, try refreshing the page or use this direct link.

Sedona Express Dehydrator Giveaway

Disclosure: The dehydrator was kindly provided to us for review. All reviews are our own personal opinions, we have not been compensated to provide any feedback positive or otherwise.

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