Spiral Spring Spirulina Maxima Review & Giveaway

28th March 2016

When we received our Spiral Spring Spirulina Maxima Powder and Spiral Spring Choco Spring (oats, cocoa, cinnamon & spirulina maxima) Powder, we thought about how we could incorporate these nutrient-rich powders into our normal diet by combining them with the things that we love to eat and drink. We enjoy superfoods as much as the next person, but we rarely find occasion to use supplements in our kitchen since we don’t often make smoothies, shakes, bars or balls. Adding spirulina maxima to the things we enjoy in our everyday diet made the most sense to us, and we discovered that spirulina has far more uses than green smoothies. In fact, in Taiwan we’ve noticed that spirulina is a rather popular ingredient – it can be found in noodles, dumplings, rice cakes and even scallion crackers.

Spiral Spring Spirulina Maxima Powders Review

Spiral Spring is the only supplier in the world to produce their own Spirulina Maxima (arthrospira maxima), which is packed with far more nutrients than the more commonly used Spirulina Platensis (Arthrospira Platensis). Spirulina maxima is a fresh water algae and an exceptional source of complete proteins. It contains a high number of vitamins and has been shown in studies to contribute to a healthier mind and body. Spirulina is also a highly sustainable product, requiring far less land and effort to produce than other sources of protein.

Spiral Spring Spirulina Maxima Powders

Spiral Spring spirulina maxima is grown in the Pampa aquifer in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile. With over 15 years experience producing and selling spirulina maxima, Spiral Spring has consistently been a leader in their field. Spiral Spring spirulina maxima products are all kosher, non-GMO and certified organic. Their spirulina maxima powders and tablets are also certified gluten-free.

Spiral Spring Spirulina Maxima Powders

Available in

Spiral Spring Spirulina Maxima Powder – 250g
Spiral Spring Choco Spring (Oats, Cocoa, Cinnamon & Sprirulina Maxima) Powder – 250g
Spiral Spring Spirulina Maxima 150 Tablets – 75g
Spiral Spring Spirulina Maxima 500 Tablets – 250g
Spiral Spring Mazapán Snack (Box of 10)

Later this year they also plan to release two new bars, a spirulina maxima bar and a spirulina maxima chocolate bar. Keep up to date with all their new products, promotions and announcements by visiting their website.

Spiral Spring Spirulina Maxima Mazapan

We also received a sample of the Spiral Spring Mazapán Snack. Mazapán is the Mexican equivalent of marzipan, often made with peanuts instead of almonds though.

Where to Purchase

Spiral Spring Spirulina Maxima products are available at their online shop. For Mexico or Latin America based customers, visit their site at spiralspring.com.

Receive 20% off at spiralspringnutrition.com with our unique discount code miam20.

The Verdict

Both powders combine well with a variety of liquids, without a residual graininess. For best results we recommend using an immersion blender to incorporate the powder into the liquid of your choice.

Spiral Spring Spirulina Maxima Powder

Spirulina Tang Yuan

We combined our Spiral Spring Spirulina Maxima Powder with chrysanthemum tea and sugar to make a mildly sweet syrup base for a traditional Taiwanese dish. This dish (known as tang yuan 湯圓) is typically served in a ginger syrup, but the combination of a floral tea with the grassy spirulina powder delivered a lovely earthiness that paired remarkably well with our chewy glutinous rice balls and their creamy peanut filling.

Spirulina Peanut Tang Yuan

Along with the nutritional benefits and flavor boost, the spirulina powder also provides a rich green color when added to liquids. Given the strong flavor of pure spirulina maxima powder, we enjoy balancing it with a component that brings additional flavor. For something savory, pair spirulina powder with miso to make a light, healthy, full-bodied broth.

Spiral Spring Choco Spring Powder

Spirulina Soy Milk with Sweetened Azuki Beans

For those less acquainted with the flavor of spirulina powder, this combination of oats, cocoa, cinnamon and spirulina will be much more palatable than straight spirulina. The sea notes and grassy flavor of spirulina powder can be overwhelming for some, so this blend of organic ingredients helps round out the flavors and create a powder that doesn’t require additional flavoring elements.

Spirulina Soy Milk with Sweetened Azuki Beans

We like mixing Choco Spring powder with fresh unsweetened soy milk to make a satisfyingly light and mild beverage that can be enjoyed hot or cold. If you prefer something on the sweeter side though, serve your soy milk and Choco Spring powder mix over sweetened azuki beans for a lovely snack filled with nutrients, flavor and texture.

Spirulina Soy Milk with Sweetened Azuki Beans

Spiral Spring Spirulina Maxima Giveaway

Enter our giveaway for your chance to win Spiral Spring Spirulina Maxima! One (1) winner will receive their choice of Spiral Spring Spirulina Maxima Powder or Spiral Spring Spirulina Maxima Tablets along with a bag of Spiral Spring Choco Spring (Oats, Cocoa, Cinnamon & Spirulina Maxima) Powder. Entries are limited to Vegan Miam readers in the United States (excluding Hawaii).

Use the Gleam widget below to enter for a chance to win. You can come back everyday for a bonus entry and re-share a tweet.

Spiral Spring Spirulina Maxima Giveaway

How do you like to use spirulina? What do you like to add spirulina to?

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Spiral Spring. Products and compensation were provided for our time. All opinions are our own and we only endorse products that we actually use.

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