Swagger Cosmetics Review (Vegan and Cruelty-Free)

10th September 2014

Vegan can be a vast term, with different interpretations and classifications. For some it means a plant-based diet, like a dietary vegan. For others it means a lifestyle free of all products and items of animal origin, like an ethical vegan. Then there’s everything in between these ends. Everyone has their own reasons and their own definition of what it means to be vegan to them. We are all free to make these choices as to how we live our lives. But the choices we make effect the world around us and regardless whether you are vegan or not, it is important to consider compassion for animals beyond what gets served at the dining table.

My diet is vegan and in my lifestyle whenever I have a choice, I choose compassion, I choose vegan. Sometimes it’s unavoidable – like the down duvet on that hotel bed, the leather seats on that plane or taxi, or the bone china from that tea service. But when I have a choice, I choose compassion, I choose vegan. This includes my daily makeup routine, my toiletries and my household cleaning products. Most of the cosmetic products today contain unnecessary toxic ingredients and some contain animal derivatives but the number one leading issue with cosmetics and beauty products is animal testing. Sadly animal testing is legal in most countries, and animals are still suffering and dying as a result. That’s where lovely companies like Swagger Cosmetics brighten my day and my makeup routine.

Swagger Cosmetics Set

Launched in 2012, Swagger Cosmetics, is an amazing 100% vegan makeup line (certified vegan and cruelty-free by PETA). The stunning collection from Swagger includes brilliantly colorful eyeshadows, glitters, finishing powders, contouring powder, blushes moisturizing lip glosses and faux eyelashes (no human or animal hair used) that are ready for everyday wear or glamorous special occasions. All Swagger products are formulated without animal derivatives, irritants or common fillers such as bismuth oxychloride, sulphates and paragons. This is a company I am proud to share here in Vegan Miam.

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Swagger Cosmetics Vegan Eyeshadows

I’ve known the sweet and fabulous owner of Swagger Cosmetics, Blake Karamazov, for a long time now, since she used to live in Oregon. Blake, now based in New York, is also a talented professional makeup artist and has been an ethical vegan for nearly a decade now. Providing cruelty-free cosmetics is significant to Blake as she believes no animal should ever have to suffer. She is dedicated to providing everyone with high-quality cruelty-free alternatives that are gorgeous, safe and ethical vegan.

Blake Karamozov

Swagger Cosmetics’ Owner and Creator, Blake Karamazov

As a side note, Blake is currently working on new lip shine coat and oil control powder. Pretty soon Swagger will be discontinuing all of their lip glosses except for Rad Bitch, so get them ASAP at SwaggerCosmetics.com before they’re all gone!

Swagger Cosmetics Lolipop Gloss

Swagger Cosmetics: Lolipop Gloss

All eyeshadows come in 5g jars without a sifter, except for the 10g Rad Bitch and Champagne in the Bubble Bath colors/varieties. Blushes, bronzers and contouring powder are available in 10g jars without a sifter. HD Finishing powder comes in a 25g jar with a sifter. All eyelashes are 100% vegan, only made of the softest synthetic fibers and contain no animal or human hair.

Swagger Cosmetics Swatches

Right now I’m obsessed with Swagger Cosmetics’ highly pigmented eyeshadows. They are the best vegan eyeshadows I’ve ever applied due to their high pigmentation, brilliant colors, and smooth and creamy application. I’ve also received loads of compliments while wearing Rad Bitch eyeshadow, which applies a translucent pinkish glitter. Rad Bitch is gorgeous on the eyes, I love applying it underneath the eye, and it’s especially good for highlighting the eyebrow area and cheekbones. I’ve never seen anything quite like this before and I highly recommend it!

Swagger Cosmetics Eye Makeup

Top: Girl Next Door + Red Bone, Bottom: Rad Bitch and HD Finishing Powder

Red Bone and Bieber Fever are the most versatile colors and two eyeshadows I rely on for both casual and glamorous looks. Along with the line of shadows, I’m also loving Golden Rose blush. Golden Rose works wonderfully as a blush and equally as well as a highlight over lighter color blushes.

Swagger Cosmetics Golden Rose Blush

Swagger Cosmetics: Golden Rose Blush (my favorite)

Swagger Cosmetics Face Makeup

Swagger Cosmetics Face Makeup

Top: Gold Digger; Bottom: Bieber Fever eyeshadow and glitter; Eye Kandy lashes

Swagger Cosmetics Face Makeup


What are your thoughts about animal testing and cruelty-free cosmetics?

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