Review: TofuXpress Gourmet Food and Tofu Press

11th June 2013

Given the frequency with which we use tofu in our kitchen, I had long been interested in trying the TofuXpress Gourmet Food and Tofu Press to see for myself just how effective it can be. After researching a few grilled tofu recipes for the summer, my curiosity finally got the better of me and I decided to reach out to TofuXpress and requested a sample.



TofuXpress Gourmet Food and Tofu Press is the brainchild of Marie Kraft. It is an innovative kitchen tool that makes preparation of tofu and other foods easier and quicker. She wanted to create a tool that makes food preparation healthier and more economical. The TofuXpress is made of FDA approved thermoplastic and stainless steel, which is built to last. TofuXpress is to be used with one standard size brick of commercially made tofu and great for pressing liquid out of other foods such as sliced eggplant, thawed chopped spinach, tomatoes, cabbage, macrobiotic salads, etc.

Available in

Please view their products list page. TofuXpress has a variety of products: TX1 Gourmet Food Press, TX11 Gourmet Food Press (Groovy Green), TX12 Gourmet Food Press (Grateful Grape), TX6 Gourmet Food Press with Light Tension Spring #2 Attachment, TX13 Gourmet Food Press w/Light Tension Spring #2 (Green), TX14 Gourmet Food Press w/Light Tension Spring (Grape), TX10 Xpress Cutter, LTS Light Tension Spring #2 Attachment, TX9 Xpress Cheesecloth, TX8 Xpress Cooler and recipe cards.

Where to Buy

Check out their store page. You can also get them on Amazon:


TofuXpress is easy to assemble with only few parts:

• Handle
• Plate
• Base
• Spring
• Marinating Lid

The Assembled Top is comprised of three parts: Handles, Plate and Spring. Make sure the Spring is properly seated inside the Handle and Plate under tabs.

(1) Twist either end of Spring under both tabs found in the center of Plate.
(2) Place opposite end of the Spring into the hollow part of the Handle. Twist Spring under both tabs inside the hollow part of the Handle.

TofuXpress is designed for any firm, regular, and extra firm tofu that require a firmer textured tofu. Tofu labeled soft or silken is not recommended for use as it is too soft and watery, unless used with the optional Light Tension Spring #2 Attachment.





Based on our experience with the TofuXpress, we were able to come up with a brief summary of our pros and cons. First off, the pros.


To begin with, the TofuXpress assembles and disassembles quickly and easily and is overall easy to use and clean. The press does all the work without any fuss; after getting your tofu set in the press you can just pop it in the fridge the morning of or night before you plan to cook and the job is done with minimal effort or mess. Ultimately the TofuXpress saved us time, energy and space during prep and cleanup.

Enough with the press, what about the tofu? Well, the TofuXpress pressed the tofu more effectively and consistently than any makeshift press using pans, plates or other weights we have rigged up in our kitchen. As a result, the consistent and drier tofu produced by the TofuXpress cooks up better without the excess moisture, ensuring quicker cooking times and more flavor. In our experience, cooking with the drier tofu also resulted in less bloating (an occasional problem with tofu and soy).


Overall, we loved the TofuXpress but it wasn’t without a few faults. To a lot of consumers, the price can seem a bit steep, but if you use tofu in your kitchen fairly regularly, I would argue that this is an essential tool that warrants the price. It also does not have the widest distribution, but it is available We only experienced one minor issue with the functionality of the press during our tests. Once you have the spring-loaded top in place, it usually locks in pretty level on top of your tofu block but you need to check and make sure it’s level because it can occasionally be a bit askew. It’s easy enough to resolve this issue, we would either just press down on the higher end of the top until it sat level or quickly remove and reset the lid to ensure it was flat. Despite the easy solution and infrequent occurrence, we felt it warranted a mention.

Also, keep in mind that if you need to prepare more than one block of tofu you might be presented with a slight delay given that the TofuXpress can only press one block of tofu at a time. If you need to prepare more than one block of tofu you will either need to get your tofu queuing up for the press or buy a second TofuXpress.

We highly recommend pressing for at least 8-12 hours for best results, so two blocks of tofu with one press means you need to start your tofu prep at least 24 hours in advance.
The TofuXpress was just as advertised, with very little effort it delivered firmly pressed tofu with maximum water extraction. The fact that we have only used it for tofu means that our review and conclusions are based solely on using the TofuXpress for tofu; however, eventually we look forward to testing it out on veggies as well. The solid build quality makes this feel like a tool that will hold up well over time, add to that the fact that it’s easy to assemble and clean and you have a convenient and sturdy appliance that will feel right at home in the kitchen of anyone who enjoys cooking with tofu. In fact, I would go as far as to say that if you like tofu then you will the TofuXpress.

We highly recommend the TofuXpress for better food and for an easier and quicker method to press tofu and other foods.




Disclosure: Enquiries were made by us and samples were kindly provided to us for review. All reviews are our own personal opinions, we have not been compensated to provide any feedback positive or otherwise.

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