Trophy Wife x Kester Black Nail Polish

5th October 2015

During our time in Melbourne late last year we discovered some amazing local Australian products that we just couldn’t get enough of; including the stunning vegan, cruelty-free and 5-free nail polishes from Kester Black. These professional quality, high shine and chip-resistant nail polishes are proudly made in Australia by an Australian company with a commitment to vegan, sustainable and environmentally friendly production methods. I had a chance to sample and review a few of their nail polishes back in January and March and they currently have a sole USA stockist – Seed to Serum.

Kester Black x Trophy Wife 2015 Collaboration

The two colors featured here on Vegan Miam are from a recent collaboration between Kester Black and Melbourne nail salon Trophy Wife. Long time friends and business partners Anna Ross (of Kester Black) and Chelsea Bagan (of Trophy Wife) have once again joined forces to create 2 new collaborative colors, aptly named Narcissist and Arm Candy.

A quirky representation of color and culture, The Shiraz red and Barbie pink shades are the newest additions to the Kester Black and Trophy Wife collection, which is currently made up of Alimony, Gold Digger, Sugar Daddy and Prenup.

The color and imagery is undoubtedly a reflection of the Kester Black and Trophy Wife brands; memorable and captivatingly unique. Narcissist and Arm Candy have been available since July 8th on the Kester Black online shop and at selected stockists.

Bag from Kester Black Trophy Wife

Kester Black Trophy Wife Arm Candy and Narcissist Vegan Nail Polishes

Kester Black and Trophy Wife Nail Polishes

Arm Candy

Kester Black Trophy Wife Arm Candy

This creamy bright pink is a lighter shade of the Violet polish I tried from Kester Black earlier in the year. I love the slightly muted and sophisticated pop of color it provides. It glides on smooth and needs just one layer, two layers could give you extra coverage but I wouldn’t say it’s necessary.

Available at Kester Black Shop (Australia/NZ).


Kester Black Trophy Wife Narcissist Nail Polish

This is a bit of a mysterious color but very 2015. It’s dark and dusky and reminds me of mahogany. The consistency is a bit thinner than Arm Candy and the color was a bit translucent after one layer. I needed between 2-3 layers to get a rich, full coverage.

Available at Kester Black Shop (Australia/NZ).

In addition to producing striking nail polishes, Kester Black also use one of the best nail polish brushes. The Kester Black brush provides smooth and even coverage, making application quick and easy – something I can appreciate given how often I do my nails. Kester Black really is the trifecta – fashionable, ethical and practical.

Kester Black & Trophy Wife Nail polishes

Disclosure: They kindly provided these nail polishes for review. All reviews are our own personal opinions, we have not been compensated to provide feedback, positive or otherwise.

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